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Avera Medical Minute: Avera McKennan Weight Loss Challenge

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Avera McKennan is organizing something never attempted before in the city of Sioux Falls.  A community wide Weight Loss Challenge. They want all of us to come together in teams or individually and get healthier. This new 12-week on-line event is designed to help you lose weight, eat right and adopt an active, vibrant lifestyle. One couple in Sioux Falls is taking the challenge and telling all.

Hillcrest Baptist Church Pastor Doug Bartel and his wife Jenny have accepted the Avera McKennan Weight Loss Challenge. They've also bravely agreed to blog about it with the humor and honesty their friends and congregation have grown to love and appreciate.

Doug says, "You know for the last couple of years I've stayed the same size, large. But 5 or 6 years ago, I noticed that when I would get up to put on my pants I'd say hey who shrunk these? I spent so much time at work, raising kids, doing the family thing that all of a sudden I realized I'm inactive and not taking care of myself."

Jenny says, "My current weight is what I should weigh with a baby inside me and my youngest baby is 5."

Jenny is 37 years old, 5'8" and 190 lbs.
Doug is 38 years old 6'4" and 285 lbs.
Jenny would love to get down to 160 and Doug down to 225.

Jenny says she is most apprehensive about laying it all out on the table for everyone to see and read.

Jenny says, " Yes I'm nervous. Doug is the blogger. I'm more of a private person so I'm a little more reluctant to do it, but I know I need to step outside my comfort zone and do something different. I'm excited to do it with Doug and another couple. I know how to eat properly, I just need to incorporate exercise and with Doug's help, I will be able to do that more."

Pastor Doug is known for getting animated on Sunday's behind the pulpit, but he knows that's not burning up the calories. He says it's going to take more than divine intervention to take off the pounds.

Doug says, "I want to do well at this, not just for me or for the competition, but I want to be there for my kids. I want to live a healthier lifestyle. I don't want my joints to hurt like they do and really it's up to me to make those changes. So doing it as a team and maybe with some of the accountability will be helpful too."

And we'll be checking up on them throughout the next 3 months on their way to getting fit and trim.

The kick-off is May 17th 10:00am in Falls Park. Season 3 Biggest Loser Finalist Amy Hildreth will be there. Click to register your team!


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