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Avera Medical Minute: Balloon Sinuplasty

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Dr. Craig Hedges performs a Balloon Sinuplasty. Dr. Craig Hedges performs a Balloon Sinuplasty.

For sufferers of chronic sinusitis (commonly referred to as sinus infections) there's a new treatment option available for some of you. It's called a Balloon Sinuplasty it's the only option left for one little girl from Brookings.

Surgeon Dr. Craig Hedges from Midwest Ear, Nose and Throat in Sioux Falls and his team at Avera McKennan Hospital are performing a Balloon Sinuplasty on 8 year old Jordyn Osbeck. Dr. Hedges inserts a flexible tube or catheter into the sinuses through the nose. That tube has a balloon attached to it, once it's in place they inflate it and it pushes open the drainage pathways in the sinuses.

Dr. Hedges says, "It less invasive, less trauma to the tissues, less recovery time, less bleeding. With Balloon Sinuplasty we aren't removing any tissue at all merely pushing things out of the way. When you remove tissue you increase the likelihood of scar tissue forming which can often cause an obstruction of the sinus drainage pathways."

Because Jordyn has Down Syndrome her passage ways are smaller,  which is common. When she gets an upper respiratory infection everything gets stuck up there and she is sicker longer. So her mom Missy says this was her last option.

Missy Osbeck says, "It's nerve racking, but we are hopeful. She's tried the medication route for years so we are ready to try something different and hope if will make a difference for her."

Dr. Hedges says, "The outcome has shown to be good, very helpful. It can't be used for everyone, but it's good for opening the frontal or forehead sinuses which are very narrow."

For a little girl who is allergic to practically everything and has been sick nearly her whole life, it's clearly good news to hear her sinuses will finally be clear.

Dr. Hedges says they have been studying the Balloon Sinuplasty for 5 years, but was recently approved by the FDA as a safe and effective way to open the sinus cavity. Dr. Hedges has been using the technique for about a year in Sioux Falls. 

By the way, Missy says Jordyn is doing great. She didn't have any pain after the procedure and was ready to go back to school two days later.


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