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Avera Medical Minute: Heart Smart Gardening

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Plant your garden with color in mind. Plant your garden with color in mind.

Summer brings out the green thumb in a lot of us.  Your green thumb could do your heart some good too, if you use it correctly. Registered Dietitians at the Avera Heart Hospital say you should plant your garden like you were painting a portrait use lots of colors.

Something to think about while perusing the plant aisle at your local greenhouse... color and variety. the deeper the color the better, the better the variety, the more nutrients you get, the better your heart will pump.

Nikki Ver Steeg, Registered Dietitian with the Avera Heart Hospital of SD says, "Those nutrients help to fight heart disease, help fight cancer and protect you overall. They lower your cholesterol, great way to be able to protect your bad cholesterol from being damaged which makes it stick easier. Overall, an opportunity to make your healthier."

Nikki says try to think outside the peas, corn and beans box. Instead plant more fragrant ones.. broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage and peppers (red, yellow and green) and forgo the fertilizer.

Nikki says, "This way you are able to control your environment. At the store you get it the way it comes you don't have a choice. This way by growing it yourself you don't have to put anything on it. You could have your own little organic garden in your backyard. We can eat those summer fruits year round, you can find them in the frozen section in their own juice, which is best because no calories have been added."

If you aren't convinced you can get your plants to grow without using fertilizer, Nikki says do what she does, put a little miracle grow on the dirt, but leave the leaves alone.

And while you're putting your green thumb to the grindstone throw in some rich colored berries filled with flavonoids; natures antioxidant. So remember, variety may be the spice of life but it's key in spreading the wealth of nutrients to do our body good in protecting against heart disease.


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