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Avera Medical Minute: SIDS

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Bri and Lach Edwards. Lach died from SIDS in May 2008. Bri and Lach Edwards. Lach died from SIDS in May 2008.

Approximately 2,500 children, ages 1 month to 1 year, die from SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) every year in this country.  I think a lot of parents with young kids always worry when the phone rings while they are at work that it's going to be bad news on the other end.  We spoke candidly to a heart broken mom in Harrisburg who got that call a little over a year ago. On May 12, 2008 the worse did happen.


Brianne Edwards sits on her basement couch while her 3 year old Westin takes a nap upstairs. She recalls what happened on that day. She says, "I got a phone call that afternoon that he (Lach) wasn't breathing. EMT's were there working on him, but it took a while to find out there wasn't anything they could do for him. It is a parent's worse nightmare. No one can imagine getting that phone call."


Brianne and David Edwards 2nd child Lachlan died from SIDS at his daycare center in Harrisburg. He was 10 months old.


Bri says, "He was napping in a room with a bunch of other kids and daycare workers. The lights were even on. That's the thing about SIDS, it's a very quiet death. He was around other people essentially all morning and there was nothing to indicate there was a problem. SIDS is unpredictable and unpreventable. You can do everything right and it can still happen."


According to reports, the SIDS rate in the U.S. did decline significantly after the Back-To-Sleep Campaign was launched in 1994. More parents starting putting their babies to bed on their backs and not their tummies, but unfortunately that didn't stop SIDS all together.


Pediatrician Dr. Kara Bruning at the Main McGreevy Clinic Avera says, "There are some things you can do before the baby is born to help. If you stop smoking that help decrease the risk of SIDS, just like anything else and other diseases. Also, don't smoke around the baby once it is born."


Dr. Bruning also says running a fan in their room helps and the use of pacifiers. Also remove all bumper padding, stuffed animals, blankets and soft items from within the crib. Only use a firm mattress with a fitted sheet. That's all.


And Dr. Bruning says, "Don't sleep with your baby. Put the baby in a bassinette beside the bed, it can even tough the bed, just don't put the baby in the bed."


Now as the family prepares for another little boy, due in OOctober, Bri is doing all she can to raise awareness.


Bri says, "A lot of days if I'd been given a choice on whether I'd want to keep going, I probably wouldn't have. It was a matter of making a decision that I have to be here and I've got other people who need me here so I better do something to make Lach proud of what we're doing in his memory and hopefully help some other people out along the way."


To Bri, Lach's llegacy has to be helping other parents who also bear the burden of losing a child to SIDS.


The EEdwards organized the first annual "Run For Their Lives". A walk/run on June 6th starting at Falls Park that will stretch along the bike trails in Sioux Falls.There is a Half-Marathon, 5k Run/Walk, and a 1 Mile Kid's Run. 

The proceeds benefit "Lach's Legacy" which is an organization Edwards formed to raise money for the research and fight against SIDS in South Dakota.

For more information and to REGISTER visit www.allsportcentral.com


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