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Avera Medical Minute: Aberdeen Woman Gets Botox for MS

Cathy Emmett gets Botox injections for MS from Dr. Jae Yoo. Cathy Emmett gets Botox injections for MS from Dr. Jae Yoo.

Multiple Sclerosis is the most common neurological disorder diagnosed in young adults.  Although this disease can't be cured or prevented, there are treatments available to reduce the severity and delay its progression.  We discovered in Aberdeen, patients are finding great success with Botox injections.

Cathy Emmett from Aberdeen has lived with Multiple Sclerosis for years, but a year and a half ago she found relief in an unusual place in a bottle. Every three months Avera Physiatrist with Avera Physical Medicine Dr. Jae Yoo injects 3 to 4 spots on her left calf with Botox.  First he uses a special machine (EMG) for electrical testing of nerves and muscles to pinpoint with medical accuracy where to inject the Botox for the most benefit.
Cathy says, "My leg is so tight and when I tried it, it worked great. And I have the best legs in town."

Physiatrist Dr. Jae Yoo says, "Botox can prevent the signal that tells the muscle to contract. Botox prevents the spasm in the muscle."

Cathy says, "It paralyzes the muscle, the one that is trying to stay real tight and let's it move."

Although Cathy wears a brace on her left leg for stabilization, she has noticed the most improvement in how she can conquer stairs. It's pretty hard to go up and down them when your foot won't move. Since the Botox that's no longer an issue."

Cathy says, "I'm not so stiff. I can bend. I can move. I can lift my toes. You can really see a difference especially after that first month."

While most of Hollywood's "A-listers" have found Botox to be their secret weapon against the appearance of aging, Cathy Emmett has found it to help her walk, not to mention, her leg doesn't look a day past 20.

Besides Botox injections, Cathy is also on an injectable medication to keep her MS from flaring up and so far so good.  Both treatments have improved her condition.


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