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Avera Medical Minute: Fireworks Safety

Doniese Wilcox, Avera McKennan Certified Family Life Educator Doniese Wilcox, Avera McKennan Certified Family Life Educator

•All fireworks are dangerous. Children should always be supervised by a responsible adult. Talk about fireworks rules with children.
•Prepare the area
•.Fireworks should be used outside only
•Have a hose or bucket of water nearby in case of fire
•Have a metal can for used fireworks
•Have a bucket of water for "duds"
•Be sure spectators are far enough away to avoid injuries from fireworks that go astray
•Obey all local laws regarding fireworks

•Hold fireworks in your hands after lighting
•Point fireworks toward people
•Alter or combine fireworks or use homemade fireworks
•Use illegal fireworks like M-80, blockbuster, cherry bombs
•Light more than one item at a time
•Put lighted fireworks inside metal or glass containers
•Try to re-light a "dud"

•Wear safety glasses when lighting fireworks. Eye injuries are one of the most common injuries from fireworks
•Wear shoes (not flip flops) when using fireworks. Injuries can occur when bare feet come in contact with hot fireworks
•Keep fireworks away from cars, buildings, dry grass, leaves or brush, or any other flammable surface or item
•Take turns. Only one person should be lighting a firework at a time
•Transport fireworks in their original boxes and packaging
•Alcohol and fireworks DO NOT MIX. People lighting fireworks should not be using alcohol
•Don't lean over fireworks when lighting them. Keep your face and body out of the way
•If you have a "dud", stay away from the area for 20 minutes; then put the dud in a bucket of water
•Use a punk to light fireworks. Do not use matches or cigarette lighters.
•Even though sparklers are marketed for young children, they are VERY dangerous. They can reach temperatures of over 1000 degrees F. A significant number of injuries each year are caused by sparklers. The spent metal of a sparkler is also extremely hot

•Don't allow children to pick up and handle pieces of fireworks after the event. Some items could still be "live".
•Be responsible! Collect all trash from your display and deposit in a bucket of water before disposing of in a trash can.

•Be kind to your pet! It is best to confine a pet to the house or other area while fireworks are being used
•Many pets are extremely sensitive to the loud noises of fireworks and may run away or become aggressive
•Pets have been injured when they run after a lighted firework and put it in their mouth

To read more, go to http://kidshealth.org/parent/firstaid_safe/outdoor/fireworks.html?ETF=29175.

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