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Avera Medical Minute: Young Family of 3 Expecting Twins

Jamy and Kyle Anderson w/ their 2 year old son Lincoln are expecting twins. Jamy and Kyle Anderson w/ their 2 year old son Lincoln are expecting twins.

When couples find out they are expecting multiples, I suspect their reaction involves a multitude of things; shock, worry, and excitement. We met a Sioux Falls family who has gotten over the shock and are now are ready to welcome twins to an already hectic life.

Jamy and Kyle Anderson already have their hands full with their very busy boy Lincoln, a 2 year old little tike hoop shootin' hot shot phenom.  Before they know it though, their hands will be even fuller.

Jamy says, "We are having a boy and a girl."

You would never know by looking at her, but Jamy is 8 1/2 months pregnant with twins.

Jamy says, "I haven't had any complications. I'm still working full time as a nurse. So yeah, I've been really fortunate and so blessed that so far so good."

Medically everything is going like a dream. Emotionally they will tell you the initial shock was warn off, but they are still anxious about the ensuing chaos.

Jamy says, "We are nervous definitely, but we have our families here just outside of Sioux Falls and we know we will get lots of help from them. It's kinda nice that we just did this not too long ago and we know a baby can fuss for a while and it will be okay.  Its better this happened in our 2nd pregnancy so we know what we are doing."

Jamy and Kyle want to make sure they include Lincoln in helping take care of the babies by letting him get diapers and so on. Right now he's testing out a toy with me to make sure it's ready for when the twins come out.

Avera McKennan OB/GYN Dr. Kimberlee McKay is also a twin. She says, "Making sure to include other children is a challenge when you bring a single baby home, so it's especially challenging when you bring two home.  I would say when the babies are sleeping spend time with the child and making them feel important and part of the process. I'm not a parent myself, but somehow nature just takes over and it all works out and hopefully the 2 year old will have ownership and be a responsible big brother."

Even though they know many sleepless nights are just around the corner, they also know they can't wait to welcome their new babies and be the Anderson Party of 5.

We will be checking back in with the Anderson's once the twins are born and they get settled in to a "routine". And I (Nancy Naeve Brown) really want to see Lincoln again!

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