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Avera Medical Minute: Sinus Surgery

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Dr. Jeff Liudahl examines Robin Hohn's nose and sinus passages. Dr. Jeff Liudahl examines Robin Hohn's nose and sinus passages.

If you get sinus infections that won't go away with antibiotics or come right back after your meds run out you probably have a more serious problem. We went to Yankton to meet a Parkston woman who can finally breathe a sigh of relief because she's well and can finally breathe through her nose again.

Robin Hohn from Parkston is a mother of three, teacher and an avid runner.  Last December when she was out running she slipped on a patch of ice, fell and broke her nose.

Robin says, "You know I would have the occasional sinus infection, but after this I would have than constantly. I would go off my antibiotics and get a sinus infection. After I broke my nose it was constant trouble."

After she came to see Dr. Jeff Liudahl at Avera Yankton Ear Nose and Throat she knew that trouble would soon be coming to an end. 

Surgeon Dr. Liudahl says, "She wasn't able to breath through her nose. She was getting fatigued and my feeling was the deviated septum was causing her sinus problems.  What I did is I straightened out her nasal septum and opened up her adenoid sinus between the eyes. I put in the stratus implant into the sinus cavity which delivers medication into the sinus and clears up the problem. We leave that in there about 3 to 4 weeks and during an office visit I can remove it.  I also did a balloon sinuplasty to open the maxillary sinus. I catherized the sinus and dilated a balloon so it would drain properly. She is doing great. It looks perfect."

Robin says, "It's amazing after the surgery how much easier it is to run and really everything is better."

Three months after surgery Robin says her nose is still a little swollen, but that's expected to go down in a few more weeks.  As for the minimally invasive surgery and recovery period; Robin says there is nothing to it and she says Avera Yankton Ear, Nose and Throat has everything to do with it.

Robin is currently training for the Sioux Falls Marathon on September 12th and says it's a whole lot easier now that she can breathe properly and doesn't have chronic sinus infections.


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