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Avera Medical Minute: Rehab After Total Knee Replacement

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Knee replacement surgery has become common place for our aging society, but so many people are afraid it's going to slow them down. That is certainly not the case for the Aberdeen woman you are about to meet. She just finished up rehab on her left knee at Avera St. Luke's and credits her physical therapist for getting her back to work pain free.

Hands down Delores Severson from Aberdeen is a spit fire! She's pretty well known at Ken's Super Fair as the "go to girl" so imagine her frustration when her left knee started giving her trouble because she could not longer go a 100 miles an hour anymore.

Delores says, "Yeah, it hurt so bad.  I'd have to take a pain pill before I'd go to work. I'd take one while I was at work. It was tough."

She decided to have knee replacement surgery. She'd had her right knee done 3 years earlier. Both times she came to the Avera St. Luke's Physical and Aquatic Therapy Center for rehab with Ron Van Dyke.

Delores says, "The other one (knee) was a cake walk. I was back to work in a month. This one has been a little bit longer.  Ron kept me going. I thought I'm never going to get better.  I couldn't walk.  I could hardly walk even after surgery it still hurt so bad."

Avera St. Luke's Physical Therapist Ron Van Dyke says, "Delores has done very well. This was a problematic knee. Delores, I would say, is a "go-getter" and worked very hard. She followed all the prescribed instructions provided and even though it hurt sometimes she managed through it because the goal was getting back to work. Plus, she has obligations at home. She still mows her own lawn, does all the household chores and activities because she lives alone. That was the goal and she did quite well, very well."

Delores says, "Oh, I'm 99% better plus 100. I turned out good now that I'm done. After I first had it done, I thought why did I do it? Why didn't I just limp around the rest of my life, but I'm so glad I had it done and Ron is the one that helped me through it."

Delores credits the push and pull of physical therapy for giving her back her range of motion.  More importantly to this 75 year old, her get-up and go.

Ron Van Dyke says patients who work as hard as Delores will typically always have better outcomes. He says surgery is the easy part, it's therapy that's the hard part.

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