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Avera Medical Minute: Garretson Woman Lost 120 lbs.

Brenda Kientoph lost 120 lbs. in 20 months through diet and exercise. Brenda Kientoph lost 120 lbs. in 20 months through diet and exercise.

If you are one of the millions who resolve to lose weight in the next year this story could serve as inspiration. Nancy Naeve Brown met a Garretson woman who works at the Avera Heart Hospital who dropped 120 pounds the old fashioned way. Now that's she is head to toe healthy she finally feels like she is setting a positive example. Plus, she says she feels a lot more comfortable in her own skin.

As the supervisor of the Avera Heart Hospital kitchen Brenda Kientoph is constantly around food. After going through a major lifestyle change in the last two years, Brenda can finally say food is no longer her downfall.

Brenda says, "I've been working on it for 20 months. I've lost 120 pounds."

After dropping so many pounds without having surgery, her co-workers lovingly refer to her as the incredible shrinking woman.

 Brenda says, "I don't eat as many carbs, but I eat a lot more fruits and vegetables. Lean protein, not as many brats and hot dogs during our camping trips."

The registered dietitians Brenda works with at the Heart Hospital have been a big support and say she is doing all the right things.

Registered Dietitian Nikki Ver Steeg says, "The biggest thing when starting a weight loss challenge or approaching weight loss is to make small steps. This way you make it part of your permanent lifestyle instead of just something you do until you lose the weight. You want it to be something you can do and maintain throughout your lifetime.  When modifying your diet, plan 3 meals a day, don't skip breakfast and add protein to each meal, but keep the portions appropriate. Also, try not to eat processed carbs or processed foods and eating at home more. Little things like that."

Brenda said she got to the point where she was tired of spending so much money at the pharmacy each month and she was tired of taking so many medications. Now that she's made so many changes, she is no longer taking anything put fish oil pills and that's over-the counter.

Nikki Ver Steeg says, "If you are looking for the biggest most effective change it's combining diet and exercise together. When you combine the two it's much easier for you to get that weight off and to see a faster improvement. A lot of times people do one or the other and I've done that myself, but really you see the most change when you combine them."

Brenda says, "I started adding exercise in last January. I walk 4 to 6 miles 5 days a week.  Just in the last few weeks I've also started riding bike. I haven't rode bike for 20 years."

And just like riding a bike, Brenda knows if she ever falls off this healthy new wagon she'll get right back on it again. Of course she says she feels way to good to go down that road ever again.


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