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Avera Medical Minute: Benefits of Therapeutic Massage

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Jolene Lyons goes to Avera Sacred Heart Massage Therapy monthly. Jolene Lyons goes to Avera Sacred Heart Massage Therapy monthly.

The stresses of the daily grind often times knots up in our back, shoulders and neck by the end of the day.  Sometimes the best medicine to relieve the pain from those tensed up muscles isn't medicine at all.  Sometimes, massage therapy is just what the doctor ordered.

Although getting a massage can be the most relaxing hour of your life, for Jolene Lyons it isn't just a treat, it's a necessity. She started coming to see Avera Sacred Heart massage therapist Jennifer Howell a few months back after first going to see her doctor about trying to get relief from the pain in her upper back, shoulders and neck. He suggested she find a good massage therapist and that's exactly what she did.

Jolene says, "Oh, it's great. Honestly, it's so relaxing. She's been able to adjust the muscles and loosen them so that I'm able to turn my neck. It's just helped me to drive so I can turn and look to see what's behind me when I'm driving."

Massage therapist Jennifer Howell says, "I deal with lots of different problems and conditions. I treat pain relief, anxiety disorders, people with sinus headaches & migraine, back problems and neck problems."

Jennifer has also been able to help Jolene with headache pain and stuffiness caused by her seasonal allergies.

Jolene says, "It will be so tight clear up into the sinuses and it causes bad headaches. Jennifer's been doing deep massage and relaxing me and it's working wonderfully."

Jennifer takes a hands-on approach in working out the knots that life tends to throw our way and her healing touch has been the perfect prescription Jolene needs to get the kinks out and the living back in.

Therapists say massage works because it stimulates the blood circulation through the body which helps to relieve the injury faster, but best of all, by relaxing those muscles and tension, it improves your quality of life.


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