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Avera Medical Minute: ICU Nurses Certification

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Eldon Bouren talked to us about the great care he had at Avera McKennan Eldon Bouren talked to us about the great care he had at Avera McKennan

35% of the Registered Nurses at Avera McKennan have taken the extra step to become certified in their area of specialty practice. That's 10% more than the national standard and they raise that number by 5% of every year.  We met a newly certified nurse in ICU who wanted take the next step for the challenge, but more importantly for his patients.

Eldon Bouren and his wife Barb from Ree Heights have gotten very close to their nurses at Avera McKennan, especially his ICU RN Andrew Murtha.  Eldon has leukemia and because of his chemo therapy his body is having a hard time fighting an upper respiratory infection but he says he's fighting it in the company of great care.

Eldon says, "My care here? Well, you can't get better care than them."

Andrew Murtha became a certified nurse in July. 80% of his fellow nurses in ICU are certified. In order to even qualify to take the extensive exam to become certified, you had to have worked 2 years in your area of specialty.

Carla Borchardt Director of Professional Practices at Avera McKennan says, "Certification is really just an external validation of your knowledge and expertise and competence as a registered nurse in your area of specialty practice. Enhanced professional pride, knowing you've matched those national stands. You are meeting those standards of excellence."

You won't find the certification credentials on their name badges, but you will find their names on a board posted in each department.
Andrew says, "We see anything and everything up here and it kinda validates what we are doing. You get a piece of paper that says you're good enough and you know what you're talking about. It's a great boost of confidence. You feel like you take better care of your patients their families and you are a better co-worker."

Eldon says, "They'll do anything in the world for you here."

Eldon doesn't care if Andrew is a certified nurse or not, but Andrew does because deep down he knows that Eldon and all his patients are getting the best care possible. Eldon and his family do care about that.

Sadly, after we shot this story Eldon Bouren took a turn for the worse and passed away on Wednesday November 3, 2010. He would have been 72 the day this story aired November 7th. All of us at KSFY extend our deepest condolences to his wife Barb and their family. It was my honor meeting them both.

Ree Heights Benefit to defray travel cost for ongoing medical treatments for Eldon Bouren, Dot Hanson, Jan Semmler on Saturday NOV. 13TH at the RH Auditorium
Anyone wanting to donate home-made pies, baked goods or new useable items for the silent auction to the event or raffle tickets can contact:
Sally Sivertsen 943-5528, Connie Fawcett 943-5526, or Jan Deuter 943-5642

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