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Avera Medical Minute: Mitchell Girl Great After Tonsillectomy

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RaShara and Victoria Colwell of Mitchell. RaShara and Victoria Colwell of Mitchell.

Avera Queen of Peace Hospital in Mitchell recently got a new piece of equipment that should improve recovery time for kids getting tonsillectomies. Nancy Naeve Brown met an 8 year old who had Coblation Tonsillectomy surgery this summer and her family is convinced she's a brand new person because of it.

Victoria Colwell from Mitchell started second grade this year bright eyed and bushy tailed because she started out the school year minus her problematic tonsils.   Her mom says they were causing this 8 year old to suffer from very grown-up issues.

RaShara Colwell says, "Victoria was having some sleep apnea, snoring, not  getting restful sleep, bad breath, sore throats."

E-N-T Dr. Bill Graham with Avera Queen of Peace preformed a Coblation Tonsillectomy on Victoria. The Coblator is a new piece of equipment here at Avera Queen of Peace that's proving to aid in recovery. It uses radio frequency and doesn't burn as hot as cauterizing, the once traditional method of removing tonsils.

Dr. Graham says, "By causing less heat, it causes less damage to surrounding tissue which is shown to cause less pain and faster recovery. People tend to use fewer narcotics afterwards with a quicker return to eating, drinking and a normal lifestyle."

RaShara says, "Her recovery time compared to other people was significantly shorter. She never had the feeling that I can't drink or eat anything because of pain. She was always able to eat and drink."

Nancy says, "When you think of tonsillectomies you generally think of kids, but I'm 42 and have had chronic sore throats and tonsil stones so I wanted to find out if I was a candidate for the Coblator. Dr. Graham takes a look."

He says, "You have enlarged tonsils and larger crypts within the tonsils where debris is accumulating. Because of those crypts, you are definitely a candidate for this surgery."

Her mom says, "I used to have trouble getting her Victoria up in the morning because she wasn't getting good sleep. Now she's up and dressed and it's great. No more stinky breath either, which is a plus."

A beautiful face her mom loves to kiss and now she has fresh breath to match!

Dr. Graham says the Coblator has really gained national popularity over the last 5 years. He says since Avera Queen of Peace acquired it they've heard over and over from parents they believe how fast their kids recovered.


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