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Avera Medical Minute: Housekeeping at Avera Heart Hospital

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Jo Klarenbeek at the Avera Heart Hospital works hard in the housekeeping department. Jo Klarenbeek at the Avera Heart Hospital works hard in the housekeeping department.

When you think of the superb care at the Avera Heart Hospital, it's hard not to think first of the surgeons, cardiologists, nurses and technicians. But we don't want you to forget the folks who quietly do their jobs in the shadows making sure everything is clean and disinfected during your stay.

Jo Klarenbeek says, "This is my pod. We always work in the same pod. I have the cedar pod. When I come in in the morning I usually do the patients rooms first off every day. Even if they think it doesn't need it, I just tell them I am going to disinfect it."

Jo Klarenbeek has been in the cleaning business for nearly a quarter of a century. She's been here at the Avera Heart Hospital since it opened in 2001. She was at Avera McKennan Hospital for 15 years. And when she scrubs she leaves no stone unturned or nook and cranny untouched.  She takes pride in her work even if sometimes her elbow grease is taken for granted more times than it should, but never by the boss.

Jo says, "We have a great CEO (Jon Soderholm). He comes around in the morning and always says hi Jo. That helps us not feel like we are at the bottom. He treats us pretty equal and that feels good. They all treat us so well here and we have really good communication among all the departments."

There are 4 housekeepers on the floor at a given time. Each is assigned to a different pod and. all of them have the same passion for keeping everything spick and span.

Jo says, "I just love it. I can even go home and clean which some people just can't do, but I love to clean and I love the hospital atmosphere."

In an effort to always strive for excellence Jo and her co-workers in housekeeping leave a "calling card" with their name and number so a patient and family can call them if they ever need anything. They also leave a notepad and a pen so if they have a question for their doctor they can jot it down and won't forget to ask.

At the Heart Hospital's adjacent motel, the Prairie Heart Guest House, there are 3 women on the housekeeping staff. You won't find two happier employees than Joyce Rodman and Bonnie Duchscherer.

Joyce says, "I really like working at the Guest House and seeing all the patient's families. They need hugs and I'm happy to give them. It's just a great place to work."

You know the old saying "you missed a spot", well these ladies never miss a spot. It's about time the spotlight shine on them!

The housekeeping staff is proud of the fact there has never been an incident of staff infection at the Avera Heart Hospital since it opened.

When patients rate the hospital, more than 85% of patients say their room was always clean at the Avera Heart Hospital.  The hospital's ratings are in the top 3% of the nation for patient satisfaction

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