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Avera Medical Minute: The Holidays & Diabetes

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Eat more proteins at those holiday parties. Eat more proteins at those holiday parties.

I don't know about your workplace, but Christmas cookies, tubs of caramel corn and gift boxes full of sweets usually makes its way into our the office each year at this time. Add-in a number of holiday parties and our calorie count goes through the roof so will your blood sugar if you are diabetic. Nancy Naeve Brown got some advice from one of the registered dieticians at the Avera Heart Hospital.

The good folks at the Avera Heart Hospital want to help ensure our bellies don't jiggle like a bowl full of jelly after this holiday season which is a tough task considering all the goodies that accompany Christmas.  If you have diabetes you have to be especially careful.

Registered Dietitian Mary Beth Russell at the Avera Heart Hospital says, "When you have diabetes the best thing they can do for their heart around the holidays and always is controlling their blood sugars because that is the one thing with diabetes that helps them the most."

When conquering the food table, Mary Beth Russell suggests sticking to the protein foods; the meatballs, nuts, move toward the meat and cheese trays, but steer clear of all the carbs.

Mary Beth says, "I think the most important to remind them when they are looking at a huge table full of food is be mindful if you are going to eat,  how many calories you may be drinking. Use water as an option for drinking instead of things with a lot of sugar."

Nancy asks, "So what if you were to partake in a holiday beverage?

Mary Beth answers, "Red wine is best, but only 6 oz. You can't save them all up for the weekend."

To avoid the endless grazing at the food table use a plate, the smaller the better.

Mary Beth says, "You get benefits with blood sugars when you exercise. You them for a number of hours afterwards because that where you see the benefits."

Exercise is the best medicine for all of us, for diabetics who plan to indulge, it's a necessity so plan on putting in some extra minutes or miles working it out before you party it up. Remember to try to pass on all the pies, potato chips and pasta salads.

Another suggestion for diabetics bring a dish to the party you know it's a healthy option for you to eat and enjoy.

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