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Avera Medical Minute: Diabetic Woman with Charcot Foot

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Marilyn Aase from Springfield is diabetic with Charcot foot. Marilyn Aase from Springfield is diabetic with Charcot foot.

 If you have diabetes, but don't keep it under control there are a number of negative side effects, even deadly consequences that can result from it. Nancy Naeve Brown went to Yankton and met a woman from Springfield who credits her foot doctor at Avera Sacred Heart for saving her foot, her leg, and possibly her life.

Marilyn Aase from Springfield went to Avera Sacred Heart Hospital to find out why her left leg hurt so badly. Doctors diagnosed her with arthritis and consulted Dr. Scott Torness with the Avera Foot and Ankle Clinic about an infected ulcer on the other leg. Marilyn is diabetic and has severe neuropathy in that foot.

 Marilyn says, "I can't feel anything in the better part of the top of my foot. I was walking around thinking I'm fine."

But things weren't fine. Dr. Torness discovered she has acute Charcot foot.

Dr. Torness says, "They don't feel pain because they don't have feeling in their feet. Their foot looks swollen and they don't think much about it. They start walking on it and the blood flow is increased to the foot during this time, it washes the bone out. Bone gets weak, subsequently starts to fracture."

Marilyn says, "It scared me stiff and I truly believe he saved my foot. He possibly saved my life that's how serious this condition is."

In two weeks Marilyn will be fitted with a crow walker. It's like a cast but this is molded just for her foot. She will wear the boot for 18 months. "

Dr. Torness says, "This padded boot helps bring all the weight up to the knee and helps keep the foot in a good structure and a good position."

Marilyn says, "I was so grateful. You'll never know the appreciation I felt. He promises to have me back up on my feet in time. I have to behave and keep weight off that foot."

Even though she has to stay off her feet for some time she's just glad she gets to keep both of them and one day walk again and when that day comes she says she is walking straight in to Avera Foot and Ankle Clinic to thank Dr. Torness personally. They both look forward to that day.

Both Marilyn and Dr. Torness say if you are diabetic and are dealing with any type of neuropathy, you really need to see a specialist regularly. Because Marilyn's condition was caught early she avoided surgery & even worse amputation.



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