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Avera Medical Minute: Autism Link to MMR Fraud Live 1/6/11

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1998 Study linking MMR vaccine to autism was fraud. 1998 Study linking MMR vaccine to autism was fraud.

A new report finds the first study to link the Mumps, Measles, Rubella childhood vaccine to autism was based on doctored information about the kids involved. A British Medical Journal is now saying Dr. Andrew Wakefield falsified data in his 1998 study when he claimed 8 children developed autistic symptoms within a week after getting the MMR shot. Nancy Naeve Brown asked our medical expert Dr. Jennifer McKay with Avera McKennan her reaction to the news.

Nancy Naeve Brown asks, "For those people who think there is a link between the shots and autism what do you say to them?"

Internist Dr. Jennifer McKay with Avera McKennan says, "Well the first thing I'd say is there has to be a certain number of people vaccinated in the US or anywhere for a vaccine to work. And the second thing I'd say is what they need to understand about the scientific process is that this study confirms someone's suspicion about a link between autism and MMR vaccine was not based on a reality so they are making their decision about evidence that isn't scientifically proven and that's really sad, especially for all of us in the medical community."
Nancy says, "To hear that a doctor allegedly lied about information could be considered a moral crime if not an actual crime."

Dr. McKay says, "I'm not sure how it works in Great Britain. I think the medical community is very ethical with how we approach scientific studies and this did not meet those standards. I think what people need to understand is the patients were actually paid to take part in this study. It's certainly concerning, especially for people who decided not to vaccinate their children based on that study."

Nancy says, "Again, there is no link between autism and the MMR vaccine right?"

 Dr. McKay says, "Get your kids vaccinated. It's better than having your child die from those diseases."

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