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Avera Race: Mara Walter

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Mara Walter

Account Executive

27 year old Female

135 lbs.


Had a baby on 11-12-2010

I have participated in a 5k, 10k, and 1/2 marathon, with the last, the 1/2 marathon being several years ago. I ran 3 miles at a time up until last August while I was pregnant, and then didn't run until January of this year so getting back into it. My goal for the Avera Race is to beat my pre-baby 10k time of 50:33. Wish me luck!


Training Blog


What a week to end our training!  Work took me to Fargo with a packed schedule and a very tired trainee returning home on Thursday.  I attempted my final run on Thursday night with a stroller and my dog and failed to finish the 40 min. (the dog actually ended up stopping – I would've pushed through but she wouldn't budge).  However, my body should be well rested and I am getting my food intake back on track as eating out for 3 days which definitely was a challenge.  On my Tuesday run, I felt great and finished 5 miles in those 40 minutes.  That pace puts me on track to achieve my goal of breaking 50:33 (pre-baby 10K time).  As long as I don't cramp up, I anticipate a good race on what sounds like to be a beautiful morning.  Wish me luck!!



 Left calf muscle started to hurt on my run yesterday.  I had this happen when I was pregnant but attributed it to being pregnant.  Not impressed that it is happening again.  I will most likely cross train in lieu of running today and then we have a REST day on Thursday before training on Friday.  Hopefully it is all healed up.  I even drank pickle juice in case it was just a cramp.  Didn't work L Good thing I like pickle juice anyway!  HA. 



It has been a while since I have posted – probably good I guess as I had nothing extraordinary to talk about which mainly would come in the way of something negative (no injuries thank goodness!  I did meet with Janine Albers, the dietician at the 26th & Sycamore HyVee.  We sat down last Saturday morning and went over what my daily food and beverage in take is on a normal day.  I had logged the 3 days prior for her to analyze.  She had computed out that with the exercise level we are at on top of breastfeeding, to maintain my current weight I needed to take in 2,800-2,900 calories per day!  Way more than I thought, but it will be interesting to see how many she tells me I am consuming (I eat a lot………).  Her main points right away were: 1) to make sure I was getting protein with every meal (nuts, eggs, meat, beans even milk are all wonderful) and 2) to make sure I was staying hydrated and replenishing my body after a workout.  VERY IMPORTANT!!!  I was lacking in this area so working on 72 oz. per day PLUS 20 oz per pound that is lost during workout.   She took me grocery shopping then to point out some better options – LOVED THIS!  I would highly encourage anyone to utilize the  dietician servies.  I thought I was pretty knowledgeable but found out I was making some bad decisions.  My 12 grain bread – not the best choice.  Who knew!

Regarding Training: I discovered that I was only doing the running repeat a total of 9 times and Phil informed me it should be done once and then repeated 9 times for the 10K'ers so I was 1 short.  Still struggling with running outside as my bike trails are all torn up – figuring out new routes has not been as fun as I thought.  Oh well.  Still great to be able to get outside and get some fresh air after a LONG winter!

Half way through!



Like many this time of year, I have been stricken with a head cold.  Since last Wednesday night I haven't been 100% and so training had been a bit more tiring.  I have stuck with it and finished everything, just not gone above and beyond like I would like to really push it.  Sunday we had the option to crosstrain or rest and I definitely chose to rest my body.  I did still make it to Avera McKennan Fitness Center though and hang out in the steam room for a while.  Definitely helped out.

Each time I do the walk 1 minute, run 4 minutes, I have been increasing my speed as I figured out I need to run over 7 miles an hour to accomplish my goal.  Tomorrow I am planning on meeting with the HyVee Dietician at 26th and Sycamore, Janine Albers, to get some tips on what I should be putting in my body: both to help my body recover from training workouts and hopefully this nasty cold too.



The training with Andrea on Friday went really well I thought - Alex and I ended up being the only ones that day as Jim and Tim P were out of town.  Alex and I concluded that having a personal trainer is the way to go.  I have been working out for years and have never had a trainer.  It is so nice to just go to Avera McKennan Fitness and have someone do the planning for you so that you can just focus on your workout. 

Saturday's workout involved another walk 1 minute and run 3.  I thought I could take care of this up at my parents farm where I went this weekend.  Unfortunately I made it a half mile and it felt like a blizzard was coming (they live almost in ND and there is still a bunch of snow) so I turned around, defeated J  Since I just made it one mile on Saturday, I did 30 minutes of arc trainer on Sunday at the gym when we got home. 

Yesterday was another walk/run.  The total time was 45 minutes (9 sets of walk 1 run 4) - I have been running outside for the most part around our house/bike trails, etc.  My left knee has still been hurting a bit but not enough to interfere with my workout. 



My first personal training session is in an hour.  A little nervous as I know the Monday group got quite the workout!  But I'm up for it – especially after the rest day yesterday (thank you to our trainer Andrea for that).  Made sure I had an early lunch so I have enough energy.  One Wednesday, I did not complete my 2nd set of lunges as my knee hurt again and because of time constraints, I had to skip out on the last 10 mins. of my cardio but I still did a total of 30 mins. time interval training.  Before I started I bought a new pair of shoes (Asics which have been great for me in the past) and so hopefully part of the knee issue is from my old shoes that had too many miles on them.  I also now am remembering that my left leg is 13 mm shorter than my right leg.  Coincidence??  Not sure. 

A co-worker is attempting to cook and bake healthier.  Not sure if the "Healthy Chocolate Pie" made with almond milk really fits into what a dietician would suggest... but I am going to eat it later today when I'm done with the workout as my reward.  I am pleading ignorance right now until I meet with a HyVee dietician to get their recommendations next week.



Have now finished 2 days of week 1 training. After the first day of walk 2 minutes, run 6 (8 sets of this), I was impressed that I made it over 6 miles! Since it was above 30 and felt like a heat wave, I ran this out on the bike trails - slightly sloppy but still loved being able to be outside! My left knee is hurting a little bit; it started hurting near the end of the training for a 1/2 marathon I ran a few years ago. Apparently putting on a few more miles than the max 3 that I have been doing over the last year is straining the knee again. I'll probably take some Glucosomine & Chondroitin to help with that as that seemed to work last time.

Day 2 of training involved some cross training which was a good rest on my knee. However, since I had my baby in early November, I didn't work out really until the first of the year, and then I have not gone more than 3 times a week and so this 5 possibly 6 day regimen is going to be interesting!

Getting back into the race mode has been great - I love pushing myself towards a goal. Great motivation and the adrenaline of race day is addicting! Hopefully my knee doesn't come in the way of May 7th crossing the finish line!



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