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Avera Medical Minute: Unfolding Charlie Sheen Saga

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Avera McKennan Behavioral Outpatient Counselor Sara Bennetts. Avera McKennan Behavioral Outpatient Counselor Sara Bennetts.

While our region is on alert for Flood Watch 2011, Hollywood continues to monitor what they are calling "Charlie Sheen Watch" for daily updates on his beyond-bizarre behavior. Nancy Naeve Brown asked a Sioux Falls Counselor with Avera McKennan about why we are so enthralled with the Charlie Sheen saga and what exactly we are seeing unfold in front of our eyes.

Hollywood insiders are saying Charlie Sheen is doing more than just winning and ranting; he is changing America's pop culture landscape. In the last month the popularity of the now unemployed once highest paid actor on TV has eclipsed any scandal that's come before him.  But why are we watching? Counselor Sara Bennetts with Avera McKennan Behavioral Health Clinic says we can't help ourselves.

Counselor Sara Bennetts says, "We are a voyeuristic society. Look at how reality shows have exploded. We watch people. We are in a day and age with immediate information. We know exactly what Charlie Sheen had for breakfast, what Lindsay Lohan had for lunch we know all of this. I don't know if it's any of our business but we've made it our business. We've made it part of our culture and we get sucked in. We're human. Also it's a way to check in on ourselves to say that's extreme, maybe I am okay. We always want to find out if we're okay and compare it to somebody else and that tends to help."

Bennetts can't diagnose sheen but can say we are seeing a very sick person who is in desperate need of help but can't see it nor can he stay at this level of intensity.  

Bennetts says, "But when someone starts crashing then you get concerned about what are they going to do next? What are they going to say next? Do we need to worry about suicide? What are we going to watch once he starts to come down?"

Bennetts says if you see someone in your circle of friends, family or co-workers that is displaying signs and symptoms like that of Sheen do what his inner circle hasn't been able to do and get them to a therapist. As entertaining as this may be its not normal behavior. Bennetts says something deeper is going on that needs immediate care.


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