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Avera Medical Minute: New Twin Babies Plus a Toddler

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2 year old Lincoln Anderson kisses his 6 mo. old sister Tenley. 2 year old Lincoln Anderson kisses his 6 mo. old sister Tenley.

For any parent, it's hard to fathom the chaos of chasing a busy, inquisitive toddler around the house knowing that you are about to add to that ten fold with twins. Nancy Naeve Brown introduced you to the Andersons from Sioux Falls last August 2010 when they were 8 1/2 months pregnant. Nancy went back to see how they are handling new twins and a toddler.

Life at the Anderson house in got extremely hectic after Jamy and Kyle and 2 year old Lincoln welcomed twins Tenley and Tace into their world. How quickly the Thrifty 3 became the fatigued but Fantastic 5.

 Jamy says, "It was very tough. It was a big adjustment for us especially in the first 3 to 4 months. Literally, we had to take it one day at a time. If we thought about the next day it would bring tears to our eyes. It was crazy. It was overwhelming especially having a little 2 year old to deal with and make sure his needs were being met along with 2 brand new babies."

Having twins is literally a handful as you might imagine add in a toddler and it's chaos. To make sure Lincoln doesn't feel left out they include him in the lives of the babies.

Jamy says, "Lincoln has done exceptionally well. He loves those babies. We let him crawl around them, constantly hold them, kiss them, touch them. We never disciplined him with the babies so he felt comfortable around them and part of his life. They are Lincoln's baby's, that's what we always say."

Avera McKennan Certified Family Life Educator Doniese Wilcox says the Andersons are doing everything right in what is a very stressful situation.

Doniese Wilcox says, "So you need to grab that quality time whenever you can. When the babies are napping or when someone can hold them sit down with your toddler and read a book or another activity and make it quality time."

6 months into this new mix, mom and dad say things have gotten a lot more manageable.

Kyle says, "My advice to others is become a good team with your wife because it's very important that the two of you work together. There are some tough nights and some (tough) days with twins so if you work as a team it helps you get through it."

Even though Kyle and Jamy admit you can never be totally prepared for twins, they say their family is blessed with so many happy healthy babies and a toddler who loves having a new brother and sister to smooch on."

In our next Avera Medical Minute Certified Family Life Educator Doniese Wilcox will run through some easy, affordable activities for your toddler to do with stuff you have in the pantry.

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