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Avera Medical Minute: Specialized Triathlon Training

Jen O'Brienn is training for her first full triathlon at the Avera Sports Institute. Jen O'Brienn is training for her first full triathlon at the Avera Sports Institute.

Looking for an athletic challenge this summer? Nancy Naeve Brown also found a group of people in Sioux Falls who are up before the crack of dawn training but they going for triathlons which includes, running, biking and swimming. And this program can be as hardcore as you want.

Inside the Avera Sports Institute and under the protective dome Jen O'Brienn and Kyle Hoff are spinning their wheels. It may not look like they aren't getting anywhere, but their body's tell them otherwise. Jen and Kyle are part of a group of about 40 people in Avera's new triathlon training program who come for 90 minute sessions at 5 am.  These two stuck around for even more.

 Jen says, "The feeling you get at the end of a workout is one you can't really compare to anything."

Something else they can't compare to anything else is the Compu-Trainer.

Trainer Sarah VanLaecken at the Avera Sports Institute says, "This is the closest thing we can get to riding outside during the South Dakota months and the resistance adjusts as you ride uphill."

 Compu-Trainer is a computer program hooked up to each athlete's personal bikes made stationary. It's programmed specifically for each rider and simulates the real deal without having to deal with real weather.  Avera is also the only training facility in the region to offer this kind of technology.

Sarah says, "Our group is having a lot of fun with it. They are finding this is pushing them. It's very road realistic and they are getting great workouts that is otherwise difficult to get in the winter here."

Jen says when she gets in the pool the hardest part for her is to remember to relax and breathe.

Jen says, "I like the fact that there is a group of us that are kind of going for the same goal. I love the fact that it's split up so you're not putting so much strain on one body part. So you can swim get off your legs, bike get off your ankles so it's a variety."

The last leg of the race is running. Although they say slow and steady wins the race, thanks to the triathlon training program, these two have no intention of crossing any finish line slowly.

Jen O'Brienn and her sister plan on doing one triathlon a month this summer including the one in Okoboji in July.

For more information, stop by or contact the Avera Sports Institute
605-322-FAST (3278)
1601 West 44th Place
Sioux Falls, SD, 57105

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