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Avera Medical Minute: New Hip Replacement Technology

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Dr. Erik Peterson with CORE Orthopedics shows Andrew Hoyem the new hip joints he implanted in him. Dr. Erik Peterson with CORE Orthopedics shows Andrew Hoyem the new hip joints he implanted in him.

A first of its kind hip replacement surgery took place at Avera McKennan Hospital recently and Nancy Naeve Brown met up with the Sioux Falls patient and his orthopedic surgeon who are making the medical books because of it.

I first met Andrew Hoyem from Sioux Falls just a few days after he had his left hip replaced. He had his right hip done the week before that. Andrew is the first patient in the state and region to have a total hip replacement done with a new type of technology made out of a new material with a new design. Dr. Erik Peterson with CORE Orthopedics Avera was Andrew's surgeon.

 Dr. Peterson says, "This is the new Stryker dual mobility total hip replacement. Like the conventional hip replacement it still uses a metal stem that fits in the femur the same way and a metal cup for the socket. However, the inner lining is metal and now there is 2 heads instead of 1. The small ceramic ball mates with this larger plastic ball and that fits on the stem and that goes into the socket. There are 2 bearing surfaces instead of one. "

Andrew at only 27 needed new hips because of a condition called osteonecrosis (Avascular necrosis AVN).The area where the ball meets the hip joint losses its blood supply that causes the cartilage in the bone to collapse much like a bruise on an apple. The bruised area gets mushy but in bone that area rapidly turns in to arthritis. Andrew was so crippled he could barely walk from room to room in his house. When we saw him again for his check up with Dr. Peterson about a month out of surgery, he says there's already a noticeable difference.

Andrew says, "Pretty much night and day. Just moving around normally before surgery was impossible. I'd waddle everywhere I went. Now I can move normally except this 2nd hip is still a little stiff, but that too is improving."

Dr. Peterson says, "When we put it in the hip simulator it's wearing exceedingly well. It's showing lower wear and tear than the conventional hip replacement and again making it a great option for someone young and active."

Andrew says, "I said my goal before surgery was to maybe be able to jog or run in some form again because that was not an option before and I think I may be able to do that in the next few months."

Andrew says he's not going to be running any marathons, but just knowing if he needed to run somewhere he could and he says that's a really great option to have.

 Andrew's physical therapy is pretty simple. It includes being up on his feet and walking which is a huge change from 6 months prior to surgery and meeting Dr. Peterson.

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