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Avera Medical Minute AMK: Botox Injections for Sweating

Heidi Furth, CNP with Avera Medical Group Dermatology gives Ashley Burk Botox injections for sweating. Heidi Furth, CNP with Avera Medical Group Dermatology gives Ashley Burk Botox injections for sweating.

When the temperature is skirting 100 degrees and the dew points are in the 70's, it's not unusual to see people sweating the minute they walk outside. It is more unusual though if you find yourself perspiring when it's 40 below.  Nancy Naeve Brown has more this condition and how Avera Dermatologists can inject the sweat away.

Ashley Burk is 27 and has hyperhidrosis. In other words, no matter what the season, no matter what the temperature she pits out.

 Ashley says, "When I really noticed it, it was this past winter. It was not hot out and I was in the old building and sweating and everyone else was freezing and I figured that was not normal."

Although it might be embarrassing, Certified Nurse Practitioner Heidi Furth at Avera Medical Group Dermatology says it's actually not that out of the norm.

Heidi says, "Often times they sweat through their clothes and will have to change clothes several time a day. They say they only wear black so they don't stain their clothes or so it won't show through everything. I've also had patients tell me they don't like to give hugs in public and they stay away from dances."

Dancing should never be off the table. If you aren't afraid of a few needle sticks, say 25 injections under your arm, Botox is the most effective treatment for this condition.

 Ashley says, "Numbing cream last time for about a half hour and I thought of needles in my underarms didn't really appeal to me either but Heidi talks to you to get your mind off it."

Furth says, "It interferes with the message from your brain to your seat glands for about 6 months at a time so it's only something you have to do twice a year."

Ashley had this done for the first time in January and now is sold on the shots.

 Ashley says, "Yes I did. I like it very much and am really pleased. It doesn't hurt when I got it done and it worked almost right away."

Everyone here is also pleased about the brand new Avera Dermatology building located south of the old one on Minnesota Avenue.  It's almost 3 times bigger with more patient rooms, another Dermatologist came on staff and they've added a pharmacy on site for convenience.

Heidi says, "The demand never goes away because people are getting much and more vigilant about their skin."

They say you should never sweat the small stuff. After treatment here, you shouldn't sweat at all.

The Botox treatments are localized so if you sweat profusely on your face they can inject you above the lip and along the scalp to stop it. Sweaty feet and hands can also be treated with Botox.

For more information call 877-AT-AVER OR Avera Medical Group Dermatology (605) 322-6960.

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