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Avera Medical Minute: HypnoBirthing Classes at Avera McKennan

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Childbirth Ed. Coordinator Deb Vigness and expecting mom Lisa Van Gerpen. Childbirth Ed. Coordinator Deb Vigness and expecting mom Lisa Van Gerpen.

Avera McKennan is offering a class for expecting parents to abolish the myth that pain must accompany normal child birth. It's called HypnoBirthing and as Nancy Naeve Brown tells us move over Lamaze, this form of deep relaxation takes the panting and pain out of labor.

Lisa Van Gerpen from Sioux Falls is days away from giving birth to her 3rd child.  Besides being a mom, Lisa is also a Certified Nurse Midwife at Avera McKennan so she knows a few things about birthing babies. She tells us she is expecting the arrival of this bundle-of-joy to be different because of HypnoBirthing classes; another type of childbirth education offered at Avera McKennan. Registered Nurse Deb Vigness is walking Lisa through some of the self-hypnosis calming techniques.

Deb says, "In some classes we teach how to manage or to cope with the pain of contractions or discomfort. Where in HypnoBirthing the focus is on this does not have to be a painful situation. Through visualization and relaxation and deep breathing you can make this a virtually pain free or less painful type of delivery."

Lisa says, "It's a form of extreme relaxation.  It's actually helped me a lot during pregnancy. If I feel overwhelmed or anxious or uncomfortable I can use during pregnancy as well as I prepare for childbirth.
They give you CDs and I have them on my iPAD. I lay down in a relaxing comfortable place like the tub or my bed. I close my eyes and focus on what they are talking about."

Lisa says you need to trust that your body was made to have a baby and that will help ease some fear.

 Lisa says, "It's not something to be afraid of but it is something that typically hurts for people. Especially if you chose not to do an epidural or take pain medication. I think there is risk and benefits involved in all alternatives. A lot of research shows unmedicated birth is healthy for the mom and the baby. This is a great alternative to help make it not hurt as much and still be unmedicated."

It's hard to imagine having a stress free, pain free and drug free childbirth, but Lisa as a midwife has witnessed it with HypnoBirthing, she looks forward to experiencing it!

The next series of HypnoBirthing classes at Avera McKennan begins on September 17th. Call 877-AT-AVERA to register or to get more information.

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