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2011 MDA Telethon: Collette's Story

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The 46th annual Labor Day telethon airs Sunday night on KSFY.

For those living with neuromuscular diseases, the telethon is a crucial night in the fight to find a cure.

We recently caught up an Egan teenager who was recently diagnosed with mitochondrial myopathy.

As KSFY photojournalist Troy Timmerman shows us, she's an inspiration for us all.

Collette's Mom: We started with Collette when she was seven, she was noticing that she couldn't keep up with the kids her age. We took her to the doctor non-stop to figure out what it was and they said there was nothing there. They couldn't find anything. She was getting older and started to play tennis and basketball, we could tell the last couple of years ago she was getting really worn down, real fast and in a lot of pain. She had physical therapy for the last three summers

Collette: I'm Collette Kills-a-hundread. I'm thirteen years old and I have mitochondrial disease. It's a decline in energy and it's a pain of the muscles. I could just go and then get tired just like that, so that requires me to decline some of my sports that I'm in. They where very shocked, my family. We would play a lot and we would be very competitive so it was kind of hard for us at first but then it just became life experience.

Mom: We all have hung so strong. Honestly she has been a lot stronger than we have so we just admire the way she has handled it.

Collette: It will progress but not to have too much worse. I use a wheelchair and stuff I don't use it all the time, but I do use it, and I take my medicine. Since I was little I've always wanted to be a vet and go to New York City and so I plan to college there and live up there.

Mom: I'm hoping they come up with more mitochondrial things to at least to slow it up and fight it as much as we can.

Collette: You cant give up. I just kept going, didn't let it beat me down. If it did I would get it hard, but I get through it.

You can help find a cure for Collette and others. The MDA telethon airs Sunday from 6 p.m. to midnight on KSFY.

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