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Advice for seniors and those college applications

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Fall is a fun time for seniors in high school, there's football games and homecoming to look forward to, but if a senior is thinking about college, fall is also a time to get down to business.

Tea High School senior Gretchen McLaughlin is debating where she wants to go to college, USD is an option.  She says, "just gotten some college applications in the mail, so I've kind of been looking them over, deciding where I want to apply for sure."

 Gretchen's school counselor Rhonda Britzman advises picking at least a few, in case number one doesn't pan out.  She says, "you know, have a backup."

When it comes to the applications themselves, Gretchen's taking advice from the experts too.  She says, "I've spoken with a counselor from Augustana actually and my parents and just what I need to do to fill out my application."

Nancy Davidson is the Vice President of Enrollment at Augie.  She says several people will read that application and they're looking for more than straight A's.  Davidson says, "it's not just about the statistics and the GPA's and the ACT scores, that's part of it, but we really want well-rounded individuals that are excited about college."

Davidson advises mentioning everything: sports, arts, volunteering. don't leave anything out and if there's an essay, take it seriously.  She says, "this is your chance to let colleges know that you're more than a transcript and more than the test scores, kind of what is at the core of you as a human being."

And because college is pricey, Britzman says it's never too early too look into scholarships.  She says, "start applying early and for everything that they can get their hands on."

Now is the time to get a move on, but it's also a process the adults say seniors like Gretchen should enjoy. And Gretchen says she is, saying, "I'm very excited.">

Nancy Davidson recommends seniors have a schedule for their college applications.  She says you should start the process now, meet your first deadlines by Halloween, get to your second deadlines by Thanksgiving and try to have it all finished by Christmas.  Davidson says that's important, because after the new year you might miss out on scholarship opportunities from your chosen school.

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