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Avera Medical Minute: Miracle at Dells Vet Clinic

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Randy Morales says thank you to the first responders and the staff at Dells Veterinary Services for saving his life. Randy Morales says thank you to the first responders and the staff at Dells Veterinary Services for saving his life.

Veterinarians are used to dealing with sick patients.  But most of the time, their patients have 4 legs. What happened at Dells Veterinary Services 2 weeks ago involving a pet owner is nothing less than miraculous. Nancy Naeve Brown tells us about how a man and his little dog were in the right place at the right time with a group of people all doing the right things as he was knocking on deaths door.

When Randy Rosales and his wife Cooee walked into the Dells Veterinary Services Clinic recently they were pleasantly surprised to see so many people. For the first time since his cardiac arrest on September 13th Randy is seeing and thanking the group of people in Dell Rapids responsible for bringing him back to life.

Randy says, "We're like family now."

Let me take you back to that mid-September day. Randy had brought his dog Laya in for her post-surgery check up with their vet, Dr. Jill Butkovich. All of a sudden in the exam room Randy told Dr. Jill he felt faint. As soon as he said it his body lunged backwards. Dr. Jill dove to catch his head from hitting the floor.

Jill Butkovich, DVM says, "Initially I thought he fainted but he was struggling to breath and was convulsing and I quickly knew something was seriously wrong. I flew the door open and called for help. We called 911 and our office manager Dan Dorn started chest compressions literally within the first minute. My vet tech Jaime Jungen is used to dealing with emergencies. She dropped Laya off and grabbed the oxygen. It was a team effort, everyone stayed calm with an amazing outcome."

The first volunteer firefighter arrived on the scene just 2 minutes after the medical emergency call went out.  Luckily Kelly Peterson works right across the street at Dells Diesel Services and sprinted to the clinic. He took over CPR until paramedics arrived. For 25 minutes they worked on Randy as he laid lifeless and ghostly white. Paramedic Gene Taylor would end up shocking him with a defibrillator 4 times to get his heart started, all the while 5 first responders alternated doing CPR.

Paramedic Gene Taylor with Dell Rapids Ambulance Service says, "When we respond to cardiac arrest nationwide there is less than 8% survival. In South Dakota it's less than that 5 %. We are glad he cooperated. "

Once they stabilized Randy he was taken to the Avera Dell Rapids Health Center ER, and then on to the Avera Heart Hospital in Sioux Falls. He had 3 stents placed in his coronary arteries and was fitted with a portable defib. It will eventually be implanted. Randy doesn't remember any of it and still can't wrap his head around what's happened.

Randy says, "No, I can't. It is so hard to fathom that I was actually dead and that I owe my life to these people wonderful people here, paramedics, the hospitals. They are the ones that kept me alive and here I am today. Thank God."

Dr. Jill says, "It was a life changing day for all of us here at the clinic and we are so blessed that Randy is here with us."

Gene says, "It's why we do what we do."

Randy says he is here today by the grace of God and he thanks God he was in the right place, with the right people who knew right what to do.  He says Dells Veterinary Services wasn't kidding when they said they are full service. He will forever be indebted for what they've done for his dog and him.

Rick Morris, one of the volunteer firefighters who was on the scene, told us in his 22 years of being a first responder,  this is the first time he's ever had a code 4 turn out like this. They were just as happy to shake Randy's hand and he was to shake theirs.

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