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A scuffle breaks out after high school football game

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A high school football game ends in a scuffle, but it's not the teenaged players who were being bad sports.  It was their parents.

At happened after Friday night's game between Deubrook and Colman-Egan.  We spoke with the superintendent at Deubrook who says after his school lost the game a lot of the fans lost their composure and now one player's parent is in some hot water.

Kevin Keenaghan is Deubrook's superintendent.  He says after Deubrook lost Friday's game, some of the fans blamed the referees.  Keenaghan says, "a bunch of Deubrook fans followed the officials and were yelling things."

That's when Colman-Egan's principal stepped between an angry fan and the refs.  Keenaghan says, "he was stepping in to move the situation out of harm's way and he was taken to the ground."

Keenaghan says the parent of a Deubrook player pushed the Colman principal down, now that parent is in some trouble.  Keenaghan says, "the school will take action on the fan."

As part of the repercussions, the fan in question will no longer be welcome back to the Dolphins' home field for the rest of the season.

Keenaghan says, "if any incidents, further incidents occur with this particular fan or anything like that they would probably lose all privileges to come to home games," but this fan's actions have hurt the students too.  Administrators canceled a Tuesday game between the same schools to let things cool off.  Keenaghan says, "so our 7th and 8th grade team and our B-squad team have lost a game."

Keenaghan says the kids could've taught their adult fans sportsmanship Friday, the players all shook hands as a sign of respect after the game.  He says, "the kids played the game hard, the kids were never an issue."

Keenaghan says they'll move on from this embarrassment, continuing to instill the district ideals in their young players.  He says, "it's reinforced, what do we believe in? we believe in good sportsmanship."

We withheld the name of the fan to protect his son.

Kevin Keenaghan says there was also a flag thrown on a Deubrook coach for being on the field during Friday's game.  He says they'll discuss that during closed session with the school board.

W did reach out to the Colman-Egan principal, but did not get a response to our calls or email, but Keenaghan says the districts have been in touch with each other `and there is no bad blood between the administrators over this.


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