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Avera Medical Minute: Scrubs Camp at Avera Marshall

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Scrubs Camp 2011 in the trauma center at Avera Marshall. Scrubs Camp 2011 in the trauma center at Avera Marshall.

Most kids won't see the inner workings of a hospital unless they are patients, and even then, they don't get to follow their doctors and nurses around. So when Avera Marshall Regional Medical Center opened their doors for a day to kid, the kids signed up, got their clearance badges and put on their scrubs. Nancy Naeve Brown has more from scrubs camp.

These Marshall Area students are sporting scrubs and spending the day getting real life lessons in healthcare from the real life experts at Avera Marshall Regional Medical Center. This is the second year of scrubs camp. Forty kids, grades 6th, 7th and 8th, split up in to different groups to explore all areas of the hospital for a day. These students started in the Emergency Department with EMT's and paramedics with North Memorial Medical Center.

 Vickie Abel says, "They are going to learn what happens when a patient comes in after having a heart attach. Between the ambulance and the ER, the kids so through the simulation of bringing someone back to life after a heart attack."

From inside the ambulance, they went inside to Avera Marshall's Certified Level 3 Trauma Center. Erin Muck, head ER nurse here, is letting the kids take turns giving CPR to the mock patient. Erin's 12 year old daughter whiten went to scrubs camp last and like it so much she brought a friend this year. I asked if she wants to follow in her mom's footsteps.

 Whitney says, "I've thought about it but I don't like blood that much so..... yeah."

 Most kids will never see inside an ER especially the trauma room hopefully so this is a really great opportunity even if they don't like blood."

Whitney says, "I want to be a pediatrician."

Brooke Chesley says, "I want to be a pediatric oncologist. I always loved being with kids and working with kids so I thought I should go into health care and help kids who  have cancer."

 Vickie Abel says, "I think for us in rural Minnesota it's so important to keep our kids in the local area and build that enthusiasm to stay and understand some of the career choices available in health care and opportunity to spend the day rotating through all the departments getting their feet wet and understanding that health care can be an exciting place to work. It should be a really great day to experience the positive side of health care and understand the opportunities and the processes involved behind the scenes in a hospital."

And everyone here is hoping that one day these campers will return in grown up scrubs and continue the cycle of caring for life right here at home in Marshall.


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