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What do Sioux Falls citizens know about the events center?

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The vote for a proposed events center in Sioux Falls is less than a week away.

If you would like some more information the city of Sioux Falls is holding a number of presentations for the public.

There are two on Wednesday night.

One at the Oyate Community Center on West 15th Street and another at Memorial Middle School on South Sertoma Avenue.

Both meetings start at six and are open to the public.

Supporters of the events center have really made a push to educate people about the details of the events center.

To see just how much you know about the proposed events center KSFY News conducted a little quiz.

It didn't take long to find people interested, but it was surprising that just five little questions could provide such a wide variety of answers regarding this huge decision the city is facing.

We started our quiz off with an easy question.

One that is probably the biggest deal for concerned citizens, and that is how much would the events center cost?

"Is it around a million? I know it's quite a bit." Said one person.

"I'm not sure it's either $2.5 and $5 million, I read that somewhere." Said another.

"I think they said $150 million but I might be wrong."

Wrong yes, but close.

No one we talked to knew the correct answer which is $115 million.

That question lead into question two, how would the city pay for it?

"Taxes I imagine." Said one man.

"Taxpayers, they want to have a tax for the city of Sioux Falls." Said another.

"Aren't they going to do a bond issue?" Asked one person.

Yes they are, the events center would be built with no added cost to the city.

They want to use the current revenue streams to bond it out.

People seemed to struggle with the first questions but they all knew number three: where the events center would be built.

"Next to the convention center and arena." Said one man.

"Over by the arena." Said another.

"The arena site right now."

But very few people knew the specifics in question four, how many seats would go into it?

"That I don't know." Admitted one woman.

"What did they say 5,000?" Asked another.

"12 to 15 thousand?"

The events center will hold 12,000 seats which is almost double the current arena's maximum capacity.

But the most important question was saved for last.

When is the events center special election?

"Next Tuesday." Said one man.

"The 8th." Said another

"November 8th." Said one woman.

"Tuesday the 8th." Said another.

"It's this month, soon, it's probably on my phone and it will tell me when to vote."

Again, we know this is just a random sampling of the population but it was surprising that no one was able to ace our short quiz.

And with just six days to go, there's not much time left to get all the facts straight and make an informed decision when voters head to the polls.

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