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Less than 2 days remain before events center vote

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KSFY spoke with the manager at Boonie's Bar and Bar B Q out on Northwest Avenue in Sioux Falls  Sunday.  That's just a few blocks away from the proposed events center site by the arena.  He tells us he and the rest of the staff are hoping the people of Sioux Falls vote in favor of an events center and he's not shy about sharing his sentiment with customers.

At Boonie's there's a lot of talk about Tuesday's events center vote, both amongst employees and customers.

Manager Vinnie Olson says, "we're very excited for it, hope it passes."

Boonie's manager Vinnie Olson is getting ready to open for the Sunday evening crowd.  He says because the bar is only blocks away from the proposed events center site a passing vote would be in their best interest, saying, "well, it's gonna increase revenue in our business for sure, but more than that, Sioux Falls needs the events center."

Olson says he hates to see people travel to places like Sioux City or Omaha for shows.  He says in this economy, Sioux Falls can't afford to lose that business, or any jobs the events center might create, saying, "I don't feel we need to spend our money in other cities, especially right now."

And through this campaign, the employees at Boonie's have not been shy about telling patrons where they stand on the issue.  There are "Build It Now" signs outside the doors and Olson is trying to make sure customers cast their ballots.  He says, "I just hope they go out and vote. I ask them to vote," in the hopes that those votes add up to the outcome he and many other want to see.

Vinnie Olson says he hopes a lot of young people remember to go vote on Tuesday.  He says he thinks the younger voters will be the key to the events center's success.

And while many people are for the events center...many people are not.  We spoke with Bob Barclay about this on Friday.  He's been very outspoken in asking people to vote against a new events center.

Barclay says the city's plan for building the center is just not a sound one.  He says it's too risky to foot the estimated 115 million dollar bill with bonds in an economy like this.

Barclay also says the idea of using money from the second penny sales tax would take millions of dollars away from areas like road repairs.  He says, "it's just a concern of mine.  I've always spoken out against the financial package, I have nothing against building an events center, it's just, it is the wrong time and with this package, it's not very good."

Others who are against building the events center now, like the "Build It Downtown" group say they're concerned with the chosen arena location for the center and they have also spoken against the financial plan.

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