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Youth vote could impact Sioux Falls events center outcome

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The events center debate has divided a lot of people in Sioux Falls, but age is something that could play a big factor in Tuesday's outcome.

Filling out a ballot is not a very difficult task, but how important is voting to the younger crowd?

We went to the Augustana College campus to see how prospective voters weigh in on the events center election.

With the monumental vote just hours away, young voters say they are ready to fill out a ballot.

"People are always saying they have a voice and want to be heard and I don't know of a better way then to cast a vote for something you care about." Said Sarah Damjanovich.

While it's every citizen's right to vote Andrew Paulson admits there are some who take that right for granted.

"A lot of times they say I don't feel like voting today someone else will take care of it but you have to take care of it yourself or else it won't get done." Said Paulson.

But Carrie Hemeyer believes the next generation of voters are actually starting to get more involved in the political scene.

"They see the state of the economy and how it's effecting them and it's making more people aware of what's going on in politics and how important it is as young people to get involved and to get out and vote." Said Hemeyer.

The Sioux Falls events center discussion has made it's way onto the Augie campus and many students feel it's something the city needs to build to compete and progress.

"It's something that's been debated about a lot and I think it's an important thing to be a part of because it will effect us in the long run." Said Damjanovich.

Students we spoke with believe a yes vote is something that could leave an impact on the future of their generation.

But whether or not the students will show up at the polls is a question the auditor will answer tomorrow.

"We've been talking a lot about the events center and a lot of them are talking about voting so I guess we'll see." Said Paulson.

Just to show you how important the youth vote is in this election, last week the presidents of both USD and SDSU came out in support of the events center, because of opportunities it could create for their students.

You can bet they'll be watching the results of the election closely.

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