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Avera Medical Minute AQOP: Total Shoulder Replacement

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Margie Streitz with Avera Orthopedic Surgeon Dr. Brian Kampmann in Mitchell. Margie Streitz with Avera Orthopedic Surgeon Dr. Brian Kampmann in Mitchell.

The thought of surgery can be scary, but living with limited mobility and non-stop pain can be worse. Nancy Naeve Brown met a woman from Parkston who is so glad she went ahead with total shoulder replacement at Avera Queen of Peace in Mitchell.

Margie Streitz from Parkston is a doting grandma who can now physically act like it.  Trinity just turned 3 and is just as thrilled to be in grandma's arms again. That hasn't been so easy for Margie.

Margie says, "Her mom works at night sometimes so I'd have to pick her up from daycare and there were times I couldn't. I'd have to get someone else to go get her because I couldn't lift her in to the car seat."

Severe arthritis in her right shoulder had left her impaired and in pain for 10 years.

Margie says, "Your daily life is always taken over by not being able to use your arm and the pain and stuff. I could lift, but I couldn't pull. If I could make it level (with my shoulder) I was lucky."

Margie at the age of 50 was way too young to live like this.  At first she wanted to avoid surgery so she took injections in her shoulder to stop the pain, but it didn't work.  So she decided to go ahead with a total shoulder replacement and she is glad she did. Orthopedic Surgeon Dr. Brian Kampmann performed the operation at Avera Queen of Peace in Mitchell in May of 2011.

Dr. Kampmann explains, "We remove the top of the humeral head and replace this surface with glenoid.  This implant goes down the stem of the humerus and this sits in the glenoid. This surface is usually full of cartridge. Hers was completely bone on bone."

Seven months after surgery Margie is doing great. She does her therapy exercises at home everyday and her range of motion is way better than pre-surgery, but she knows she still has more work to do.

Margie says, "I can sleep on my right side again."

Best of all she can pick up her granddaughter now. To Trinity, blankey and a kiss can fix everything. We won't tell her Dr. Kampmann had a little something to do with it too.

Since surgery, Margie hasn't taken any pain meds and she says she used to live on them. She says it's night and day how her life has changed for the better.


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