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Avera Medical Minute AMcK: Lap Band Patient 1 Year Anniversary

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Mary Spoelstra down about 70 lbs. Mary Spoelstra down about 70 lbs.

If you have tried every diet known to man to no avail and you are considered obese bariatric surgery may be an option you want to consider. Nancy Naeve Brown has been following the progress of a Marshall woman who got lap band a year ago.  She met up with her at her check-up at Avera McKennan.

We first met Mary Spoelstra 9 days after she had lap band surgery. She was still a little tender from the laparoscopic surgery, but excited that she had already dropped 8 pounds. Mary's surgeon Dr. Brad Thaemert with Surgical Institute of SD explains how the lap band works in weight loss.

 Dr. Thaemert says, "Lab band is a procedure we use to help people lose weight who are morbidly obese. It's a restrictive procedure where we put a band at the top of the stomach and we can control how tight it is by adding fluid to it and that makes people feel full very quickly so they take in less calories and that's how they lose weight. "

Our second meeting with Mary came at her one month check-up with Dr. Thaemert at Avera McKennan. He was tightening her band so she would feel full faster. Through a small access port under the skin, he injects saline with a special type of needle that fills the band, tightening it.

Mary says, "I'm hoping to lose at lease 80, 100 would be ideal. It's reachable if I cooperate. I know this is a tool. I know it's not going to do it for me and that I have to change attitudes and I already have changed some."

Mary showed us a picture of her and Gus on a cruise 6 months before lap band surgery.  She was 265 pounds then.

Dr. Thaemert says, "Mary is doing wonderful."

She's dropped around 70 pounds; she's now less than 200 pounds for first time in 15 years and is down 5 pant sizes.

 Dr. Thaemert says, "To stay successful she has to keep working out, that's number one. We know people who work out 5 times a week will keep the weight loss off. She needs to stay on her diet program of avoiding excess calories with sugars, fats, staying on the low calorie diet forever really. "

Dr. Thaemert says the benefit of having a lap band: if you eat the right foods you will feel full, you won't overeat or indulge in a big dessert after your meal. Mary told us she initially wanted to lose 100 pounds. 

Dr. Thaemert says, "It's still doable. People will lose weight with the band for up to 3 years so she's only a year in. She's not necessarily at the end of her goal. You typically lose most of your weight in the first 12 months and the next year and a half you lose the rest."

She's losing L-B's and gaining confidence and compliments and she deserves every last one of them. Congratulations Mary!

If you want to learn more about bariatric surgery Avera McKennan is hosting a FREE surgical weight loss seminar on Thursday evening January 5th from 7:00 to 8:00. Call 877-AT-AVERA OR 877-282-8372.


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