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Avera Medical Minute ASL: Secondary Infertility Solution

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Laura and Sam Ellyson with their daughters Ella (5) and Hope (1). Laura and Sam Ellyson with their daughters Ella (5) and Hope (1).

If you are trying to expand your family, you have probably learned it's very common to have infertility issues with the second pregnancy.  Nancy Naeve Brown met a couple from Columbia, South Dakota, just northeast of Aberdeen, who went to a Fertility Care Practitioner and found their solution to secondary infertility issues.

When Laura and Sam Ellyson brought Ella into this world 5 years ago, they knew immediately they wanted more children.

Laura says, "We never really stopped trying, but it took us a while. We wondered why this isn't working. I got pregnant a second time and then I miscarried. Then it took longer again. We were like is there something wrong?"

A friend suggested they try going to Fertility Care Practitioner Susan Gutenkauf at Avera St. Luke's in Aberdeen who teaches the Creighton Model Fertility Care System.

Susan says, "My job is to facilitate more the charting so they are able to track fertility symptoms throughout their cycle so the couple can see easily the times of fertility vs. infertility."

 Laura says, "You chart. That's your homework. Everyday you write down what you are observing."

Susan says, "A person actually has a more accurate picture of fertility charting than they do with saliva tests that you buy over the counter."

It's totally natural and Laura never had to take drugs.

Laura says, "I didn't. I didn't want to. It makes you feel icky and yucky. We knew there was nothing wrong with my body or my husband, so we knew we should be able to conceive. This helps you take advantage of really good days and you know yourself."

Five months after Laura and Sam started charting they got pregnant. Nine months later they got Hope.

Laura says, "We were like praise God. We had waited so long. Ella had prayed for a brother and sister."

Through counseling classes and charting Susan was able to determine that once Laura got pregnant she would need hormone replacement therapy to keep the baby.

 Susan says, "She received progesterone replacement therapy during her first trimester to prevent another miscarriage. So she may have very likely miscarried without it."

Even though they named their long awaited second baby Hope, as the Ellyson's found out Hope wasn't enough to make it happen. They say they will definitely go back to charting for baby number 3 and this time Ella says she wants a little brother. Hope may be the best they can do for that request.


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