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Avera Medical Minute: Avera Health Plans Wellness Screening

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Molly Christianson from Dakota King goes through the Avera Wellness Screening with Tyler Engelson. Molly Christianson from Dakota King goes through the Avera Wellness Screening with Tyler Engelson.

Dakota King in Sioux Falls is on the Avera Health Plan and last December they took advantage of the wellness screenings they provide for free for members.  Nancy Naeve Brown went to the Burger King corporate offices to see how the screening has helped employee's waistlines and the employer's bottom-line.

Molly Christianson is in charge of payroll at Dakota King Incorporated, the local Burger King Franchise office in Sioux Falls but a year ago she decided to take charge of her health. She started by going through the wellness screening offered annually for free for all Avera Health Plans members.

Molly says, "Last year I had just had a baby so it was important to find out where I was, a starting point. After having a baby I really want to make sure I'm taking good care of myself so that I make sure I'm around for her."

As part of the screening, Tyler Engelson in Avera Health Education will check people's height and weight, glucose, cholesterol and blood pressure and since this is second year Dakota King has taken advantage of the Avera Health Plans Wellness Screening employees who participated last year will have baseline numbers to compare this year's numbers.

Tyler Engelson with Avera Health Education says, "Nice to see last years history and we can go over that with them and look at areas where they've improved."

Molly has improved in the one area most of us struggle with: our weight.

Molly says, "I lost 10% during a 6 week weight loss challenge. It's the smallest I've been since 2004 which is great. I've lost 2 pant sizes which is awesome. I probably wouldn't have done it had it not been for Avera's challenge."

All of her other numbers were good too, but getting that baby weight off wasn't her only goal.

Molly says, "One of my things this year is I don't want to limit her activity by my inactivity. That was my motivation to get screened."

Molly also likes the cost and convenience of the screening which is free and at the workplace.  She gets immediate results and can ask questions and get suggestions on ways to improve her overall health and wellness. 

In payroll Molly is used to working with numbers but nothing can compare to the joy she is getting from seeing the numbers on the scale.

For more information on Avera Health Plans call 605-322-4564
or visit www.AveraHealthPlans.com

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