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Avera Medical Minute AHH: Mission Nutrition: Portion Control

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Suggested serving size for pasta which is the size of a light bulb. Suggested serving size for pasta which is the size of a light bulb.

If you've following our Nancy Naeve Brown on the morning show, you know she is taking part in mission nutrition; a 6 week health and wellness program put on the dietitians at the Avera Heart Hospital. Each week they hit on different topics with different goals. This week Nikki Ver Steeg teaches Nancy about portion control.

Week 5 of the Avera Heart Hospital's Mission Nutrition is focusing on portion control.  It's an important piece of the puzzle that is key in losing extra pounds. Registered Dietitian Nikki Ver Steeg  says a lot of times when we eat the right things we tend to over eat to look at how big your portions are, but know what they should be.

Nikki Ver Steeg says, "I want you to pay attention and learn how to do it yourself without having to rely on measuring cups and weighing and all that stuff. If you need to do that at the beginning that's just fine but progress to training your eyeball so you know it's appropriately sized for you. That way you can blend in with everyone else, you don't have to answer questions; no one wants to be set apart when they are making healthy changes."

So to help with "eyeballing" portions think about everyday items. A serving of pasta is supposed to be no bigger than a light bulb.

 Nikki says, "Let's talk about your Spaghetti meal. We tend to put a lot of noodles on our plate and put red sauce and a little bit of meat and garlic bread on the side. Focus on a smaller portion of pasta and focus on a lean protein in sauce and you are able to be full on less pasta."

 Salad dressing can be a problem if you aren't careful. so many of us douse our healthy salad, drowning out the leafy benefits. Nikki suggests getting your dressing on the side. Serving size is less that 2 tablespoons which is less than half of the soufflé cup so instead of dumping all of it drizzle it on top and then toss it together.

Nikki says, "Balance your meal out so you are able to stick with portion sizes more. What happens if you go a little overboard it's because we are only having one thing. For example pizza, a lot of time we don't eat anything with pizza and so our portion size is out of control but if you put it with a little salad the combined meal is more appropriate."

A serving of almonds, which is a great option for a snack, should be a handful. Make sure you actually do a serving size instead of just taking them out of the bag because then you don't know how many you ate. A slice of cake a deck of cards and a piece of fruit the size of a baseball. A brownie or piece of chocolate should be the size of dental floss.

Too much of a good thing is still too much when you are on a mission for nutrition.

Watch Those Portions:
Right sizing your portions is key to losing extra pounds. To lower the need for measuring, we suggest using the following examples as ways to "eyeball" portions.

1 cup of cereal flakes = baseball                   1 pancake = compact disc

½ cup of cooked rice = light bulb                   ½ cup cooked pasta = light bulb

1 slice of bread = cassette tape                    1 bagel = 6 oz can of tuna

3 cups popcorn = 3 baseballs                        1½ oz cheese = 3 stacked dice

1 cup yogurt = baseball                                 ½ cup frozen yogurt = light bulb

½ cup ice cream = light bulb                          1 tbsp butter or spread = poker chip

1 tbsp salad dressing = poker chip                1 tbsp mayonnaise = poker chip

1 tbsp oil = poker chip                                    1 piece chocolate = dental floss

1 brownie = dental floss package                  1 slice of cake = deck of cards

1 cookie = about 2 poker chips                      1 medium fruit = baseball

½ cup grapes = about 16 grapes                   1 cup strawberries = about 12 berries

1 cup of salad greens = baseball                   1 cup carrots = about 12 baby carrots

1 cup cooked vegetables = baseball              1 baked potato = computer mouse

3 oz lean meat & poultry = deck of cards       3 oz grilled/baked fish = checkbook

3 oz tofu = deck of cards                                2 tbsp peanut butter = golf ball

2 tbsp hummus = golf ball                              ¼ cup almonds = 23 almonds

¼ cup pistachios = 24 pistachios


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