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Avera Medical Minute AHH: New Flash CT Scan

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Avera Heart Hospital Radiologic Technologist Jodi Wirtz gets Jean White all lined up for a CT scan using their new Flash 4-D scanner. Avera Heart Hospital Radiologic Technologist Jodi Wirtz gets Jean White all lined up for a CT scan using their new Flash 4-D scanner.

The Avera Heart Hospital recently added a new piece of equipment to their arsenal of technology that aids cardiologists in detecting and diagnosing heart disease. Nancy Naeve Brown has more on the new Flash CT scanner and why it will benefit you the patient the most.

Avera Heart Hospital CFO Jean White doesn't mind showing us how she can get a CT scan of her heart done in a flash and that is no exaggeration. This new 4-D Flash CT is one the world's fastest scanners with the lowest possible radiation dosage and the Avera Heart Hospital is the only facility in this region to offer this state of the art technology.

Cardiologist Dr. Mark Gordon with North Central Heart says, "We can do an entire CT scan of the heart in one heart beat with less radiation than a person gets living in the US in a year."

It can scan 6 times faster than the previous 64 slice CT which was considered top of the line.

 Dr. Gordon says, "Because of the speed of this device and the power of it we can actually do scans on much larger people than we'd been able to in the past. That's always been a limiting factor. And also the heart rate because of the speed of the scan we can do studies on people with faster heart rates and irregular heart rates which was very problematic before."

A person who is 6'6" can now get scanned from head to toe in 5 seconds, the entire heart in less than a second and don't think the speed affects the quality of the images. Cardiologist Dr. David Nagelhout shows us some of the real life looking images the 128 slice scanner puts out.

 Dr. Nagelhout says, "Here you can see the veins of coronary artery from someone with normal coronary arteries. It's really laid out with a lot of info. We can rule out any evidence of cardiac disease which is nice to know."
Dr. Gordon says, "This gives us the highest quality I've seen on CT scans as far as cardiac scans. That's vitally important because if you can't see the structure you're looking at what's the point in doing the scan? Accuracy of the scan is 99% compared to the gold standard which is invasive coronary angiography with less radiation and less risk this is a non-invasive procedure you can get pretty much the same info."

If you wanted to find out if you have blockage in your arteries this seems like a no brainer. In the time it takes you to blink your eyes you can get your diagnosis in a flash at the Avera Heart Hospital.

To make an appointment for Planet Heart Screening at the Avera Heart Hospital call 877--AT-AVERA 877-282-8372.


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