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Avera Medical Minute AQoP: Controlling Diabetes

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Type 2 Diabetic Troy Magnuson from Mitchell now 105 lbs. lighter. Type 2 Diabetic Troy Magnuson from Mitchell now 105 lbs. lighter.

Here is a look at Troy Magnuson from Mitchell now (2012). Here's what he looked like at his heaviest at 365 pounds.  When he found out he had Type 2 Diabetes he made a bee line to meet with RN Carolyn Klinkhammer the Certified Diabetes Educator at Avera Queen of Peace and their team of Registered Dietitians to learn how to control it.

Troy says, "I had no idea. I should have been paying attention. I have diabetes on both sides of the family. Takes a while to sink in, I'm hard headed."

Carolyn Klinkhammer, RN says, "We focus on a team approach to teach patients the tools to help manage diabetes. That includes meal planning, exercise, medicine if necessary. We also teach them to check blood sugar at home. Checking their blood sugar at home gives them the feedback they need to know whether their treatment is working."

Troy says, "They are so understanding and they way they explained things. Portion control was a big thing. Instead of a big old pile of mashed potatoes, I have a couple tablespoons. If you are having potatoes you shouldn't have corn. Now I eat wheat bread, wheat pasta."

Avera Queen of Peace Registered Dietitian Megan Vilhauer says, "Deep down we all know diet plays a big part in our health and what we have to remember is that eating healthy doesn't just help one problem when it comes to our health, it makes the entire body healthier."

Troy says, "You have to buy in to it. It's like anything else. You have to believe in what you're doing."

Obviously, Troy did take to heart what his team was teaching him because his waistline shrunk. He dropped 105 pounds.

Carolyn says, "Troy has been a poster child. He's done really well and we all know it's very difficult to lose weight but to maintain it and keep it off he's done a fabulous job."

Megan says, "You don't have to give up everything you like. It's scary to think if I'm going to start eating healthy, I'm never going to enjoy eating again. All foods can fit, just remember a little of some and more of others."

Troy says, "I'm the same guy I was before. I'm just not going to Omar's Tent and Awning anymore for clothes. I can go to Wal-Mart and get a 42 off the shelf, that's the biggest thing."

A smaller pant size for him and his alter ego Popcorn, with the El Riad Shrine Mitchell Clown Unit, and a new healthier way of living, I'd say that's a really big thing, for a now smaller guy.

Like a lot of us, Troy says his biggest challenge is exercise. Dietitians say you can't have a good diet without exercise and you can't have a good exercise without good food. Both have to go together.

For more information on the Diabetes Education Program at Avera Queen of Peace go to:




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