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Facebook stops "Most Beautiful Teen" after lewd photos

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It' a Facebook fad that is sucking in young people all across America -- "The Most Beautiful Teen in the World."

Teens post provocative pictures of themselves-- others on the site decide who's hot and who's not. The fad is creating all kinds of controversy and many anxious parents. 

It's the most fierce beauty contest around, but there's no talent required for it.

Thousands have submitted their photos. Many of them are pouty, provocative and downright sexy.

"I thought why not join it, I looked it up and it was really cool and fun," one teen said.

Teens sent their most beautiful pictures to the website. Some of the photos were selected and posted to a Facebook page for all the world to see. However, whoever runs it remains a mystery.

Many of the photos show boys with their shirts off, girls with their bikinis on and some appear to be at home, in their bedrooms and bathrooms.

However, the suggestive photos alone didn't create the uproar. Mean and nasty comments by ruthless Facebook judges are heating up the controversy.

Comments like: "would not touch with a ten foot pole" and "her nose is too big."

"She read them to me, several of them, and I couldn't handle hearing them because it just made me very upset and angry," Marcy Kemp-Rank said.

The page sparked such outrage, that overnight, Facebook shut it down telling. Facebook told ABC news the page violated its statement of rights and responsibilities and that, "we do not tolerate bullying and take action on content reported to us which we categorize as such."

"I think that was a good thing that they took it down. I think it was a way of bullying," Kemp-Rank said.

Disturbing to parents? Yes, but are websites like this the new way this cyber generation measures popularity?

Rachel Simmons is the author, "Odd Girl Out." She said it fans the flames of girls' insecurity, "and makes them feel even more self conscious, not just in real life, but now in every step they take online."

Whether the most beautiful teenager page was meant to be lewd may never be known. Experts say the provocative photos open a door to online predators and children may not know how to react.

"It is an absolute pool for people that like this sort of thing for the absolute wrong reason," said John Abell, NY Bureau Chief for wired.com.

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