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Making social media work for you

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Remember the days of constant chatter and commotion in school hallways? Ten years ago, it was common. But, in today's world, technology has quieted school hallways.

"Everyone has their heads down and they are texting instead of interacting," said Augustana marketing professor Jaciel Keltgen.

Keltgen has been teaching at Augustana for fourteen years. Marketing is her second language, and it's one that's changing because of social media.

"Everything that they do and everything that they say, the way they look and the way they write and communicate, even the way they operate their computer systems are part of that brand."

Keltgen teaches her students about their personal brands and just how powerful they can be through social media.

"You're selling your ideal self online."

Sawyer Vanden Heuvel and Andrea Hass have grown up with Facebook and Twitter.

"I just make sure that I keep it clean and more relevant," said Vanden Heuvel.

"I really like the way you can network with people and stay connected, and I like that you can have your personality out on the web, so future employers can get to know you before you meet face-to-face," added Hass.

Both Vanden Heuvel and Hass will graduate from Augie with business administration degrees, and both used social media to help them land jobs before they even put on the cap and gown.

"It's part of the aspect of the job, and they knew that I had these skills," said Vanden Heuvel. "I think that's what makes our generation and our class one up from someone else because they haven't grown up with it."

"My new job will involve Twitter, Pinterest, and Facebook, so I'm excited to learn about those projects," said Hass.

Stephanie Spaan from Excel Achievement embraces social media. Her business uses Pinterest, Facebook, and Twitter to market its preschool, summer camps, and tutoring sessions. She seeks interns who are social media savvy.

"It seems like college-aged students are far more current in social media, so she's educated me on how to word things and what the public likes to see," said Spaan.

Speaking of what the public wants to see, social media can put college grads seeking employment in a pickle.

"Do you really want an employer to see you in this situation, at this party or at the Twins baseball game? Is that what you want them to see," asked Keltgen.

She recommends checking your privacy settings, or better yet don't post distasteful images or make offensive comments.

"One thing I use is my Grandma is on Facebook, is she going to like what I'm going to post," said Vanden Heuvel.

That includes being your authentic self in person and online, whether you're shaking a potential employer's hand or writing a thank you on Facebook.

"I think my online persona reflects who I am as a person. It has all of the same interests," said Vanden Heuvel. "It's me on digital format."

As technology continues to take over our every day lives, Keltgen tells her students to not lose their interpersonal skills.

"I do think it (social media) delays your development in communicating and writing."

While continuing to embrace social media.

"They're stepping out of and into a very strange sort of landscape for them. They're part of the old guard and very much the new guard."

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