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SD Democratic Party launch "Attack Ads" on Noem

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It has been a tough day for South Dakota Republican congresswoman Kristi Noem.

Thursday a one-two punch from the Democratic Party and one of her democratic challengers both claiming Noem has been ineffective in Washington.

South Dakota's Democratic Party and two of its candidates are taking jabs at congresswoman Noem on the radio and on the web.

The advertisements suggest Noem isn't doing her job.

The South Dakota State Democratic Party recently released a radio advertisement discussing Noem's attendance record.

"When she does show up, she does nothing. Nothing? She hasn't asked a question or said anything at any hearing," Part of the advertisement said.

When KSFY spoke to congresswoman Noem, she told me the assertion in the advertisement is false.

"A lot of information that has been circulated by the democratic part has been proven to be false. I was at meetings they say I wasn't at," Noem said.

At the same time this radio ad is released, one of Nome's democratic rivals; Minnehaha County Commissioner Jeff Barth, unveiled a nearly five-minute video on YouTube claiming Noem is part of the problem in Washington not part of the solution.

"Congress is broken, who is gonna fix it? Kristi Noem and the tea party? Dc insiders," Barth said. "They've got their horses in the race, but they're heading north and all we see is their south end."

Barth tells KSFY Noem can't prove she attended certain congressional meeting because attendance was taken through a voice vote.

Besides that, Barth says Noem's views on the federal budget are wrong.

"She talks increased tax cuts, increased spending. if you can cut your income, increase your spending, and balance the budget, then I'm gonna quit my job, buy a pickup and balance my checkbook," Barth said.

Democrat Matt Varilek also wants Noem's job and in Vermillion he told us Noem doesn't speak up enough for South Dakota interests.

"One of the basic requirements for a member of Congress is that they be an aggressive advocate of Congress for South Dakotans and that means showing up to do the job," Varilek said.

"I have to wake up every single day and decide where am I gonna go today and that I will be the most effective for South Dakota," Noem said. "What's going to impact South Dakota the most."

Barth's video is already starting to go viral.

Its even caught the attention of ABC News.

The South Dakota Democratic primary is set for June 5, 2012.

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