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Avera Medical Minute ASL: Birth Choices at the BirthPlace

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Ruth Wilson (left) and Jenna Harms talk about their birthing experiences at Avera St. Luke's. Ruth Wilson (left) and Jenna Harms talk about their birthing experiences at Avera St. Luke's.

If you choose to have a baby at Avera St. Luke's, the experienced team in the birth place wants you to know they will do everything in their power to help you have the birthing experience of your choosing. Nancy Naeve Brown met two new moms who both had different but great experiences bringing their new bundles of joy into the world.

Jenna Harms recently returned to her hometown of Redfield and was so happy to have her second baby Taelynn close to home in Aberdeen at Avera St. Luke's BirthPlace. Her first daughter Teige, now 5 years old, was born in Seattle and Jenna says the hospital staff there really dictated how the birth would go down which included an epidural. The second time around in this very room was completely different, entirely better.

"My first daughter Teige had a lot of reactions to medicine and I didn't want Taelynn that way. I wanted her to be completely drug free, I wanted it to be a natural experience vs. not feeling anything and not knowing what my body was doing like before, "Jenna said.

 Nealand's mom Ruth Wilson also wanted to have a natural birth but Nealand had a different idea. He would not come out.

"I was in labor for 17 hours and was still at a 3 so I really wanted an epidural at that point, "Ruth said.

Both Ruth and Jenna had OB/GYN Dr. Christine Stehly and both said she and the staff did everything to make them feel comfortable in a safe environment.

"Myself and partners have years of experience in helping women with something that is so natural but at times doesn't feel natural for them that's why he give them choices. For example with Jenna she wanted to go as natural as possible and we helped her achieve that and then for women that are trying to do it natural and can't succeed we help them with them options, "Dr. Stehly said.

Jenna says having Taelynn without an epidural turned out to be a quicker labor for her... only 2 hours. Since she could feel her contractions she knew when to push.  But Ruth was in so much pain she couldn't relax and wasn't progressing. They tried a Jacuzzi and IV meds... neither worked and that's when Ruth decided to go with plan B to avoid a C-section.

"Some say they couldn't do it without an epidural because it helps them stay sane, focused and alert, Dr. Stehly said.

"I had that plan in place too that after a certain point (I would get an epidural). I don't do well with pain, "Ruth said. 

"If I have another baby, I would do it without meds," Jenna said.

These are just two examples of two different women with two different positive birthing experiences with the same outcome; 2 healthy beautiful babies. 
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