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Chinese trade delegation tours Ethan farm

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It is the perfect place for a picture. These men have traveled more than 10,000 miles from China to see what's feeding their country.

"They've got a whole bunch of folks to feed over there and we want to help them do that," said Lewis Bainbridge, the farm's owner.

"These are the people that are actually using our soybeans overseas," said Matt Bainbridge, Director of the South Dakota Research and Promotion Council. "They're feeding it to their livestock, so I think if we have a chance to improve that relationship, to talk with them, and tell them we are producing a quality product I think that's very beneficial."

The Chinese trade team is on a ten-day tour of the Midwest.

"To learn the swine production and at the same time expose them to the soybean farm because right now China is a large soybean importer," said Richard Han, a Chinese trade delegate.

They want to learn American farming techniques and adapt them to grown their livestock industry. In turn, they'll need even more soybeans from South Dakota.

"This is incredibly important because we want to make sure we're producing the products that they need and want. And, we want to show them what we do, how we do it, and why we do it. We want to cultivate that relationship, if you will," said Lewis Bainbridge.

This Chinese trade team also wants to know what exactly they're getting from the States.

"What are they buying? What's the protein and oil of our soybeans? So, we're trying to share that message," said Matt Bainbridge. "We do grown a high quality soybean crop in South Dakota."

That's why the Bainbridge farm outside Ethan was the perfect place. 1,000 acres of soybeans means plenty of places for a picture.

Said Han, "They're quite amazed by the scale of the production and also the efficiency."

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