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Avera Medical Minute ASH: High Tech Hearing Aid for Kids

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Kendall Thoene hears things he's never heard before. Kendall Thoene hears things he's never heard before.

For little kids who have hearing loss traditional hearing aids may be too big and bulky for their little ears. Nancy Naeve Brown met a 8 year old Yankton boy who can finally hear things he'd never heard before thanks to new technology and his Avera Audiologist who recommended it.

Eight year old Kendall Thoene from Yankton was born with a rare syndrome that's affected his heart, kidney and lungs. He's already had 2 open heart surgeries and a kidney transplant. His mom and dad, Bridget and Scott, say they stopped counting surgeries after 15th trip to the OR.

"Hearing was part of that. We watched over the years and discovered he had nerve damage and we didn't know until recently, " Bridget said

The Thoene's brought Kendall to see Audiologist Dr. Matt Rumsey with Avera Medical Group Ear, Nose and Throat Yankton on the campus of Avera Sacred Heart.

"We ran some tests and discovered he needed help hearing better. We were challenged with him to best fit some little ears with little hearing aids with a little guy who is active, "Dr. Rumsey said.

Dr. Rumsey went with this new technology first developed by ReSound Alera. It's a super small hearing aid with wireless technology.

"The most recent development and most helpful with Kendall is called a remote microphone so the hearing aid picks up 2.4 gigahertz frequency that a microphone transmits. What works great for Kendall is his teacher can wear this little box (like blue ray) on her person and it directly streams her voice to his hearing aid," Dr. Rumsey said.

Kendall can hear the TV and phone as if it were in his ear. All he does is switch the remote the it goes directly from the TV transmitter to his hearing aid.

"It was life changing for him. I didn't realize what he was missing out on. It really helped you Kendall didn't it? "Bridget said.

"To put this in perspective this the hearing aid Kendall is able to wear which is small vs. this big hearing aid which is great for adults not great for tiny ears.

After getting his high tech wireless pint sized hearing aids Kendall's mom and dad figured out how much he'd been lip reading and how the gift of sound has brought out some joyful noises from him.

(Kendall sings a song to us)

Now that is music to the ears.

For more information contact: http://www.avera.org/clinics/yankton-ear-nose-throat/ 
Call 605-665-6820 or 888-515-6820 

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