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Avera Medical Minute AMK: New Varicose Vein Treatment

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Amber Kelly had varicose veins on her left leg, but not anymore. Amber Kelly had varicose veins on her left leg, but not anymore.

If you have bulging, unsightly painful varicose veins, there is a team of experts at Avera Veradia who concentrate solely on treating veins. Nancy Naeve Brown has more on a Sioux Falls women who got treated once and now proudly shows off how she has a leg up on varicose veins.

Amber Kelly has always been a runner, so in my opinion, she's always had great pair of legs but she says after two life changing events in the last two years, her left leg changed for the worse.

"My pregnancy in 2010 I started noticing varicose veins on my left leg and they weren't really very bad then but with by last pregnancy last fall they started to get a lot worse and kind of crawling up my leg down to my heel. It wasn't like a sharp pain but a dull ache by the end of the day after working all day. After delivering in January it was discolored and the vein was popping up, "Amber said.

Her second baby Jai was born in January, Amber turned 30 in February and by mid-March she made an appointment to see Interventional Radiologist Dr. Matthew Casey at the Avera Veradia Vein Center on the campus of Avera McKennan. Amber knew she was too young to have such an old looking aching left leg.

"Amber had venous insufficiency in her greater saphenous vein. We treated it by closing the vein by using a radiofrequency ablation device. The device has been around a couple of years but it's relatively new to the clinic. We've had it for about a year. Before we used a laser device which worked well, but we've found radiofrequency device a little less painful.  Using heat energy to damage the lining of the vein caused the underlying problematic vein to scar shut. There are so many connections between the veins of the legs so the blood just re-routes itself to other veins and circulates back to the heart, "Dr. Casey with Avera Medical Group Radiology said.

Dr. Casey did the procedure using only a local anesthetic. Amber was awake and talking the whole time. Again she only had varicose veins in her left leg. You can really see the difference in the before radiofrequency ablation pictures and after.

 "It's great. It looks so much better. No pain, aching, really nothing. The procedure was so easy. I worked later that day. In fact I had it done at 8 and worked at 10, "Amber said.
No surgery, no downtime, no varicose veins.

Because varicose veins are a medical condition that typically causes pain, most insurance companies will cover the treatment. Call Avera Veradia Vein Center at 605-322-8346.
Or go to: http://www.avera.org/clinics/veradia/



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