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People in Sioux Falls find ways to beat the heat

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A heat wave is crossing the country this week, and the first day of summer isn't until Wednesday.

Just taking a walk outside on a day like Tuesday can be sticky and unbearable. With the heat index spiking over the century mark, people of all ages are just looking for a way to cool off.

"We do the sprinkler at home for a bit then come up here because it's nice for the kids to be around kids their age and play." Said Trisha Weeg.

The pioneer splash park was a major hit Tuesday afternoon for parents and kids. But not everyone needed to get doused with water to stay cool. Many seniors spent the day indoors at the Center for Active Generations. 

"Well we're playing cards, we like to come and play with friends and visit with them and then to beat the heat... For awhile." Said Mary Myers. 

South Dakota is known for it's hot summer's, but this heat wave is a real cooker.

"It's abnormal, it's not unheard of I would say, normal highs this time of year are in the low 80's, we're going to be in the low to mid 90's this afternoon. So yes, way above normal but no where near the record of 103-105, we aren't getting record highs but it's definitely abnormal." Said KSFY Senior Meteorologist Phil Shreck.

Not only is it humid outside but the rising temps could also cause energy bills to rise with air conditioners running around the clock.

"Well I live with my son, so I let him pay the bill." Said Myers.

For folks at the splash park, as long as they stay hydrated they're saving money while cooling off.

"I think it's awesome because it costs money to go to the pool and we have four kids so it can get expensive going to the pool." Said Weeg.

With the warmest months just around the corner, unfortunately this is just the beginning but for all kids, big and small, they're always looking for new ways to beat the heat.

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