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South Dakota 24-7 To Use In Car Breathalyzers

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 A major change is being made to South Dakota's 24-7 program: the program requires DUI offenders to undergo twice-a-day breathalyzer tests to make sure they are steering clear of alcohol.
 That 24-7 program is now adding a new component, one that goes inside an offenders car and what it does provides an extra layer of certainty for all of us on the road.

 It's not often that someone will go on TV and talk about their battle with the bottle. It is intensely personal and can be embarrassing to admit, especially if a DUI charge is involved.

 "After being convicted of my 2nd DUI, I was required to participate in the 24-7 program. I was arrested in Lincoln County." Troy Janssen agreed to talk to us about all of it and about his involvement in a test program that is leading to a big change in the 24-7 program.
 When Janssen was arrested in Lincoln County, the county was testing  a pilot program involving these: an intoxilock system. It is essentially a breathalyzer in his car and if he wants to drive...he has to be tested by this system first. "The machine is connected to the ignition to my vehicle. In order for me to start my vehicle, I have to blow into the intoxilock."

 While use of this system is new in South Dakota, it is not a new concept. Iowa and Minnesota administer similar programs.
 But the Lincoln County test program proved so successful, intoxilocks will now be used statewide.
 And not only does this system contain a breathalyzer, it also contains an in car wireless camera. "At any point, the sheriff's department or anyone from the state, or anyone from the company in Des Moines can log on and see who is driving the vehicle."

 All this in an effort to keep intoxicated drivers off the road.

 And not only does the in car breathalyzer test you before it allows you drive, it also acts for a series of "rolling re-tests".....where the driver is tested while an effort to head off anyone drinking while they are behind the wheel.
 The offender pays for the cost of the device: It should be fully in place statewide by this fall.

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