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Minnehaha County Tax Hike

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Joseph Holt takes pride in his home.  He said he's willing to pay a little more in taxes. 

"I believe that it's important to provide for the services our county needs. As a citizen, I'm willing to pay the extra money a year, $35 dollars, whatever it is, to help provide for that, that's no big deal to me,"  Holt said.

Minnehaha County Commissioners voted unanimously Friday to raise $4 million in property taxes on homeowners, business, and farmers.

The vote allows the county to opt out of an existing property cap.

County Commissioner Cindy Heiberger said the increase is necessary to meet a budget shortfall.

"Approximately today, they're telling us 2.8 million short, we're not done, that also means we're not done cutting, we will continue to cut where we can," Heiberger said.

Holt understands there aren't many other options to raise revenue.

"I mean they have cut the budget for years and they've cut and cut and it's time to provide for things, for what we need as citizens of this county," Holt said.

Even with an extra $4 million in revenue, the county says it will spend only what it needs to provide services.

"It's no problem for each citizen to give up $30, $35 dollars a year to help provide for the salaries, and for the services that we need in this county. The police and the law, and whatever services we need, roads, infrastructure... We have a good county commission and we need to support them," Holt said.

If you think the tax increase is too much, Heiberger says consider the cost of replacing outdated equipment.

"You want a sheriff's car coming out to help you at midnight and they have a hundred-fifty thousand miles on their car and they can't even make it to your house? You know gas prices have gone up, electricity bills, everybody, we have the same problems everybody else does," Heiberger said.

Holt says it's a small price to pay.  And there's no reason why he and others can't pay their fair share.



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