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Batman fans not afraid to see The Dark Knight Rises

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Going to the movies is supposed to be a fun and carefree outing with friends and family.  That, changed with Friday's deadly shooting at a movie theater in Colorado.  KSFY News talked to a few Batman fans who saw the movie and some that were on their way to buy tickets.  They tell KSFY News that nothing was going to stop them from seeing this.

Batman fans excited to see The Dark Knight Rises on opening day were shocked to hear the news about the deadly shooting in Colorado.  Moviegoer Dean Schmeicheo said "I kind of thought it was surreal. I didn't think that something like that was actually happening."

Batman fan Ted Osborn remembers seeing "Batman" with Michael Keaton as a kid.  He said it's sad for kids today.   "Something like this ruins these moments for little kids and just for family, and people are going to be scare now to go and it's unfortunate," Osborn said.

Osborn said he's been waiting since the ending of The Dark Knight to see The Dark Knight Rises.   "Heard about it this morning about the deaths and the people in the hospital. Nothing was really going to keep me from seeing this movie," Osborn said.

Mark Carlson was on his way to buy tickets for The Dark Knight Rises.  He said it's disturbing to hear what happened but he stills plans on seeing the film.

"It's not affecting me going to see the movie, I've been to every Batman movie that ever came out and I don't really intend on missing this one, you know it's not affecting me," Carlson said.

Even though Batman fans here in Sioux Falls aren't letting the shooting in Colorado stop them from seeing the movie, Sioux Falls police will be beefing up patrols at theaters this weekend as a precaution.

Police in Sioux Falls consider the shooting in Colorado an isolated incident but say that we will probably see officers at the movies this weekend.

Lt. Galen Smidt, Sioux Falls Police, said "as a police department, we're also giving special attention to theaters this weekend with the release of the Batman movie, just to have patrons feel that they're safe as they're going to the movies."

Overall, people still feel safe going to the movies in Sioux falls.

"Sioux Falls is one of the safest places in the country so I have full confidence in our police force. Their abilities and what they're going to do," Carlson said.

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